Ok so, 2 days ago, I took a nap and decided to do the WILD technique (well I didn’t know that what I was doing was the WILD technique, because I am new to LD), anyway it worked like a charm. I started seeing hypnagogic images, then I felt a tingling sensation, and then there I was in a LD. Anyway, that night, I tried getting another LD, doing whatever I did during that nap, but it didn’t work. Yesterday, I tried doing WILD again, with MILD mantras, but what happened was, first, I felt a tingling sensation, then, like there was no gravity and I felt like me and my bed is levitated. Soon enough, the tingling nearly hurt… and my eyeballs felt like they were rolling to the back of my head :eek: lol was I trying too hard? that’s what I suspect… Anyways, I stopped doing WILD and I just went back to normal sleep. That night one of the dreams that I had constituted of me being able to see and breathe normally under water. However, that did not trigger an LD, nor did I realize I was dreaming, even though it should have. What is ironic though is that in my dream, this is what I thought, “Well, I guess I can breathe and see under water… I wonder if I could do this in real life? I guess I can if I am doing this now” Again I repeat, I did not at all realize that I was dreaming, and I could not control it. :confused:

My first LD ever doing the WILD method was me underwater being able to breathe and everything normal.

I was particuallry bummed. I did a reality check just to make sure, the one where you clasp your nose and breathe… it worked but I mean I was breathing underwater so it was kind of pointless. Any how, when I found out I was lucid the dream faded to black and I was in the void. Some HI started showing and I just entered a dream that way, I was on a stage and went to pick up a guitar and the damn dream faded again.

You were experiencing Sleep Paralysis, I find that SP is much more intense when you have it when you are sleeping as opposed to napping. The tingling sensation you got is SP, at least that’s what I’m told it is.

Some times it’s super intense and I hear what sounds like a demon in my head. Some times its’ completely minor.

The weirdest place I ever had SP was in Spanish class back in high school. I was just laying on my pillow(I keep a pillow in my locker for spanish class) which I keep concealed in my back pack(which isn’t much of a back pack, it’s more of a pillow case). Well I was in a comfortably sleep and had no intention to LD, I just wanted to nap. Well, I entered SP and I wasn’t even trying. I guess the boring teacher kept me up to the point of where I had SP.

Thank god I didn’t go into an LD because it would probably have been plagued with my ugly spanish teacher as a matador or something.

Hi thegallery12, welcome to the forum! :wave:

Waw! A WILD on first try! :eek: It seems you are pretty gifted for this technique! :good:
It’s easier to WILD during a nap, or early in the morning after a WBTB, than when you just go to bed. Anyway, the tingling and the eyes rolling are absolutely normal. You were not trying to hard.

Too bad you couldn’t fully realize you were dreaming during your underwater dream. :sad: It seems you were very near to lucidity. Perhaps some reality checks could help in such situation…

Hey everyone,
I tried using WILD last night but it didnt work.
Is it normal to start feeling really tired when using WILD?
Also, how long does it usually take to begin seeing hypnagogic images?

Also… what is an approximate range in the time it should take between you start WILD, and fall asleep??

If you start a WILD and fall asleep you have failed horribly. The key to doing a WILD is staying awake until you enter your dream.

I think you mean how long it takes you to enter a dream.

I cannot speak for most people except for my self but it varies for me. If I try to WILD right when I go to sleep then it will take me about 30 minutes to an hour and a half. If I do a WBTB it only takes me 5 minutes or less to enter a dream.

Oh, I see the difference. Did you read about the so-called HILD? It’s in another thread, somebody made it up, and lots of people use it… it almost guarantees an LD and it takes seconds! Well… a lot of people have succeeded in it.

Yeah, the first time I tried WILD I succeeded. But I’m not quite sure if I did it right. I don’t specifically remember me seeing any HIs…hmmm… actually, what exactly ARE hypnagogic images? …By that I mean could someone who’s suceeded using WILD give me an example of what they saw and how they did it…please?

Thank you!!!

Dee Bee

Hope that site helps! There are pictures of what hypnagogic imagery approximately looks like.
I’m sure you’ve seen them before but just never really paid attention.

Thank you soo muchhhH!!!

However, WILD is kind of hard to do - it takes long (20min to as long as an hour) and you have to be concentrated the whole time. I only succeeded in it once during a nap, and that was probably just a fluke. Try some other methods… I almost got “HILD” to work. Somebody here made it up, it should be on the recent threads.