Tool idea for WBTB/Dream chaining/WILD

This is an idea for a more comfterable WBTB/Dream chaining/WILD expirience.

(just a little explanation of dreamchaining)

Dreamchaining- When you wake up, don’t move at all. You should quickly drift back to sleep. It works well with WILD.(note I did not create this)

Now my idea for the actual tool is a small earpiece that can be programmed to go off five hours after you go to sleep. To set it off there would be a small button on top of the device. To shut off the alarm, you could push a small button on the extirior of the device. EDIT:It would be more effective if it turned off by itself EDIT DONE

Now many of you may ask, why create such a tiny pointless device? Why not just use a regular alarm clock? Well, to turn off a normal alarm clock, you generally have to move your hand so much that it makes dreamchaining useless. I think this device could help dreamchainers.

Your thoughts?

Hmm really interesting…but then would the alarm shut off on its own? Or would you have to shut off the alarm yourself? Because in most alarm clocks the alarm shuts off after one minute…so if the thing in your ear shut off on its own, or had to be manually shut off then there probably wouldn’t be any point :bored:

In the experience I’ve had with chaining, I found that I could not make the tiniest movement. PERIOD. I cannot move, breathe, blink, open my eyes, or even think (sometimes). It’s been tough for me to chain, so I just all out WILD instead. Thus, I personally would not be able to use that to chain. But I’m sure others would be able to.

My most sucessful LD chaining happened when I implored a DC to wake me up and tell me that I’m back. I did that after getting dizzy and feeling that I would wake up.
When I got back to dreaming, my DC woke me up, that was nice.

But I guess that device may not be very effective, because you may be able to turn it off before waking, it should be turned off only by itself, and you should program the time the alarm would be on, since it varies from person to person.

Now it should be better.