i think people want to learn how to lucid dream because they have to face their fears and nightmares, so i’m too obvious about it. this one is called “incubus” i think. that’s a myth and they say a demon called “incubus” sits on your chest and you can’t breath enough, can’t move and you scream but no sound. that’s a physical problem. don’t be afraid. your mind always aware and tries to protect you when you try to jump, hit or do something like that requires physical movements.
I used to have that problem 4 or 5 years ago, but i got used to it when i realised that my body is fully paralised. then i thought it’s about my mind and that’s essential. sometimes i heard sounds like stratching, i thought demons are really there, but i stayed calm.
My advice is when u get this problem try to move your toe. yes, however you can move it a bit, then u see a flued vision and u slowly wake up. try sleeping on your right or left side. that’s another way to prevent it.
My last advice is go and take medical care, or go to a physicolog for more info. maybe it’s about your childhood or sth. like that.
i hope u get well soon,
sorry for poor english ^^

Wow, that seems strange.
If you really did lucid dream during your life, it looks like some entity is trying to prevent you of having that skill, is trying to put you away. The sleeping pill I don’t believe is a good thing. I don’t think people even dream with that, do they?
I don’t know much about that, really. But what I heard about nightmares is that you have to face it, deal with it. So you have to find a way of turning yourself stronger than your enemy.
My suggestion is: don’t avoid it, don’t take pills for sleeping. Continue with the lucid nightmare and try yourself to deal with it. I know it’s easy to say and all that. But I think is the better thing to do.
If you believe in a higher power, a supreme force, you can call it in the dream, asking for help. There are some that can help us.
Like the case where a person keeps dreaming with a monster that want to eat her. Than the person jump inside the mouth of the dragon monster and everything changes. The dragon turns up into other thing that talk teachings with the person.

Well, anyway, good luck on that.
We hope you get back in your dream business soon.

Hi :welcome: to the forum MaxEra :smile:

That sounds like quite a horrible experience. Personally I find it a little concerning that it is having such a drastic effect on you. :bored: I really recommend you speak to a doctor about this. I don’t think your bodies natural reflexes would allow things to reach this stage without a reason. It could be something simple and he might be able to tell you exactly what it is. :smile:

definitely true.

Hi MaxEra,

I hope that in the state of nervousness and psychological distress in which you certainly are, you don’t have been impressed or scared too much by some of the answers above. I’m sure that they didn’t really want to scare you on purpose with their stories of devils, incubus, entities and so on. :tongue:

Obviously, aNGeLuS was talking about the sleep paralysis trouble. Some people, when they fall asleep or when they wake up, find themselves paralyzed. This sleep disorder is due to a lag between the “switching on” of the brain areas responsible for self-consciousness and the “switching off” of the natural body paralysis that occurs during REM sleep to prevent us to act out our dreams. As sleep paralysis is often accompanied by panic attack and sometimes by hallucinations (cause the brain is half awake, half in “dream mode”), this is really not an enjoyable experience.

But I don’t have the feeling that what you describe is sleep paralysis: you don’t say that you’re paralyzed, you just say that you cannot wake up. People who experience SP generally think that they are awake but that they cannot move. The Sleep Paralysis article of the BBC h2g2 project being far better than the Wikipedia one in my opinion, I give you its link so that you can compare with your own experience.

So, at first sight, it looks more like “lucid nightmares”. But if there were lucid nightmares, that is, if you’re really lucid and know it’s a dream, there is something curious. Why can’t you control them? If I understand well, you just stay in your dream bed and you wait it stops or try to wake up. First, forcing oneself to wake up is generally adviced again. It’s often considered as the best way to provoke sleep paralysis. So I can perhaps give you an advice: the next time it happens, try to roll out of your bed (in the dream). Instead of staying in a state which looks like the first sensations of a WILD attempt, the best would be to try and move away from your bed. This is likely to radically change the dream context. Could you please try this solution and tell us what is the result?

Have you heard of brain wave entertainment? it is a way to re program your mind into different states in which you are more able to be told what to do.

for example you can place your self in either an alpha state or theta state and have the same message palyed over and over, for example. you fall asleep eaisly and have peaceful and restful dreams.

or " you have nice dreams and wake up remembering them redreashed" or something that better suits your taste, do not use the works no not cant or anything like that your brain will just ignore it so sentances like "i dont have scary dreams " becomes “I have scary dreams” and this wont help you at all.

check out this link transparentcorp.com/ it will help :smile: download a free trail and see how it goes, if you need a hand with anything let me know and good luck with getting over your nightmares,

Read through a lot of the informaiton on this site about learning how to overcome nightmares and how to control your dreams in such a way that you dont have to be afraid of anything in your dream world any more as you will be in control.

I think the essential thing is, as Fabricio said, to tackle the nightmares themselves through your lucidity. If you give some specific details of the nightmares, I’m sure the forum members will have many ideas to help you turn them around.

The experience when you leave the nightmares sounds to me to be completely normal sleep paralysis, which Basilus West has described, though he reckoned yours was not sleep paralysis. I think it is, because I have once had a similar episode, where I experienced alot of pain whilst in sleep paralysis. It’s nothing to worry too much about. Most people experience some sort of sleep paralysis at some time.

You said you are an unhappy person. If there are any other things you might like to talk about, this forum is always very friendly.

For now, don’t despair, and try to relax.