Total Lucidity

This is my new site about lucid dreaming. it also concerns other stuff like existencialism and psychology. It’s not much at the moment and the forum is quite empty yet, but i hope more people are gonna join soon and co-create it!

hope to see you there!
Total Lucidity

Great. I am hoping to build the worlds biggest English (and then French alter on) directry. So if anybody else would like to submit lucid sites to me feel welcome.

Total Lucidity, can I put a link to your site. I will write a description, put it in a category, and put it’s author. THat is:- Total Lucidity at the moment. But, would you like me to put your own custom description, and a different authors name.

Sites have been categorised by there description. So a site to do with astrual projection, would go in the beyond lucid dreaming category.

Usually, I meantion such features as online forums and chat.

I choose, and put a few particular sites into a top ten recommened list. Ofcourse, sea life and LD4ALL have already been put in there. (I hope that’s OK with you, PasQuale, PM me if it’s not).

But it would make a change if I didn’t choose. Why don’t I let LD4ALL all choose.

So anyway, can everyone state there top 4 lucid sites. From best to least best (but still 4rth best).

What, a directory for everything? Or just lucid dreaming stuff? Or something in between?

Why four sites? Well, here goes:

  2. Lucid Dreaming - Wikibooks, open books for an open world (second link in signature)

English ones only?
And what topic, lucid dreaming or also about dreams/sleep in general?

some that weren´t mentioned so far: … mepage.htm

Can´t think of more right now

2 technodreamer: of course you can! my site needs promo like hell! at the mo i got only one member registered(except me). :razz:

You can write a description. And authors name will be simply Total Lucidity.

My site concerns lucid dreaming aswell as oobe, mutual dreaming, virtual reality etc. so i dunno which cathegory it would belong to…

Ehh. Didn’t I already reply. Prehaps that was only a dream.

It’s a directry for lucid dreams. But there is also a beyond dreaming section and a NDing section.

He, he. I’ve added a voting system as well.

lmao… :grin:

ok, i think it would fit best in the ld section…

what’s the url of your site?

Is what I got, and 3 adds. There’s something wrong with your link!

Are you sure? I was going to put it under the baseball section.
All sections are about LD, they just focus on different aspects. Like Dream recall, inducing, all in one etc.

I’m still in the progress of making it. Like everybody else, it is taking time. It’s 8 minuets till 11.00, so I don’t have the energy to design it. I’m just spending till twelve to add to my site of lists. I’ve got about 90 sites so far. Way too few, considering there are thousands.