Total Mental Chaos

First let me give you a backround, during the school week I am VERY physically active and get less sleep than I’d like (5-6 hours a night) and every day in school I cant help but to fall asleep in my third period (AP world history) Even when I try as hard as I can I just cant stay awake.
Anyways as I am falling asleep I often experience a state that can only be described as total mental chaos. HI HH auditory hallucinations, I get it all. for example:
I will see just random HI most of the time
Crazy scenarios wil pop into my head such as my friends parents getting divorced, each element on the periodic table having a distinct personality, iraq getting tired and walking to Asia
I will hear the teacher say insane things such as everyone get on their desk and dance
I will hallucinate (rarely) even if my eyes are open, these are never obvious but an example is I stared into a glint of light on the silver rings of my binder and could have sworn I saw another world in there. anyways you get the point

My question is, is there something wrong with me? have any of you experienced this? is it sleep deprivation? natural metal states? latent phsycosis? (sp) or sheer silliness?
please feel free to share any similar experiences :wink:

If this is something that only happens to you in the HI stage, there might not be much of a need to worry. However, if these hallucinations continue throughout the day, you might have reason to be concerned, but I’m no expert on mental illness. As far as sleep deprivation goes, five or six hours isn’t close to being ideal, but I can’t imagine that getting that amount of sleep would cause so many problems. I suppose that differs from person to person; some people can last through the day without eight or nine hours of sleep the previous night, others might have some issues with that.

As for your hallucinations, if I were to look at them as the regular hypnagogic imagery or dreams that I read every once in a while around here, I see no problem with them. Instead, they appear just as entertaining dreams that I might read in a fun dream journal that someone is keeping around here. :wink: On the other hand, hallucions like this during the middle of the day worry me ever so slightly.

If you don’t mind, I’d also like to comment on the nutty thoughts that come to your head. My favorites were the elements on the Periodic Table having distinct personalities, and of Iraq getting bored and walking to Asia. :tongue: You just have to love these crazy ideas, don’t you? :crazy:

I do not think it is anything wrong with you. I believe what you are experiencing is a result of you being aware while your brain is shutting down in favor of sleep. It is normal to experience such things on the border of sleep.

I experience the same thing when it comes to illogical thoughts and scenarios

I had similar problems one year when I was in high school. I was delivering papers in the morning, going to school durring the day, and doing sports in the afternoon/evening. It got so bad that I was falling asleep in most of my classes. I would have problems getting back to reality after a short HI or dream phase. You may need to take a look at what all you are doing and drop something so that you can get more sleep. I need about eight hours a day or I start suffering from sleep deprivation. If I only get five or six a night I am no longer functional.
I would say as long as the problems go away when you get enough sleep, then it is just sleep deprivation. It affects some people a lot more then others.