Totally lack of motivation for anything

I have so many beautiful dreams…but i can’t do anything. I can’t find the will to start fulfilling them. Totally lack of motivation for anything… i just scratch the surface but i can’t do something serious… it’s like i find extremely painful and boring to develop any of my interests.

I’m so sad and feel so lonely. I know i can do many nice things… but i face an impervious obstacle: just can’t find the will to do anything, anything that needs creativity and serious trial while at the beginning it seems so exciting, then i end up feeling extremely helpless to keep my interest for this…i just can’t.

The most painful for my family is that this trouble affect mainly my studies… and i don’t have the opportunity any more to go to another college… i don’t know where else to go anyway… i defenitely have the skills to make it, and produce a good result… and i have some good friends. But it’s just scary… i just can’t find the will to go on… it feels like suffering.

I went to a psychologist for a little but it was long time ago… i don’t think it can help if i go again.

But i try to be optimistic :content:

Any help? :smile:


First of all, change your name.It sure won’t help you get motivated.
There are many techniques for lucid dreaming.Some take more effort, some take less effort.

Try MILD…it’s for lazier people.
You could get spontaneous LDs, just like I do.

Good psychologists and NLP practitioners could make you gain interest, you know?
With motivation, you can really do a lot.

When I’m motivated, I learn like a robot.I remember EVERYTHING…I can learn whatever I want to when I’m motivated…

I’m sorry, but right now I don’t know how I can motivate you, but please, try it yourself.
Say something to yourself.

Maybe when you get your 1st LD, you’ll become motivated enough.

Ok let me say firstly that i really appreciate that you spent some time to write an answer :smile:

I am not sure if you misunderstood me or you really believe that LD will help to get motivated generally, but anyway my problem wasn’t exactly that i am not motivated specifically for practising lucid dreaming, it’s a general problem i have, as i described previously.

I write about it here because i used to have a great interest about lucid dreaming and i had some lucid dreams… the truth is i really want to continue practising and learn about it, but the thought that i have to get motivated as soon as possible to other more vital things (e.g. my studies) makes me feel dissapointment and i lose my courage to keep practising ld. When i have to make something extremely important before the end e.g.of the week and i simply can’t find the strength/motivation to do it, how can i expect to have the strength and motivation to do things such as ld? :sad:

I wonder if someone else here has encountered the same problem.

To be honest passing this helped me to understand some great truths… about many things… but now i really need to recover from it… an unpleasant experience can teach many important facts… as long as it doesn’t keep hapening forever :tongue:

Every answer/advice would be higly appreciated :smile: best wishes