Touching the Ground

i have read a few people here saysing they feel the ground and it helps them become stable does this work for a lot of people? i tryed it lastnight and it boosted my ld but i am curious on how many other people this works for :smile:



For me it works, although I haven´t touched the ground but some cloth.I don´t think it matters what it is, you just got to really feel the structure of some material


I fully agree with Traumgänger. It’s one of the first things I always do while in a LD. It stabilizes your dream and it prevents you from losing contact with the dream, so the chances of waking up clearly decrease.
I’ve also noticed this: when you touch something, try to stay in motion. You may stand still ofcourse, but if you stand still too long, there’s more chance that you’ll wake up. So the best combination here is: touch things and walk around if you want to stabilize the dream.

Yeah, I think it’s mainly to have some sensory input. Just touching things and walking around seems like a good idea for me :smile: I’ll try it next time!


I only take a bucket of white dream paint and paint everything I want to be stable. Just use a method you would naturally use.

thanx :content:

i know about movment i found that out a good way with a ld that lasted roughly 30 -40 min :content:

Thanx thought i will keep in mind you dont need to to touch teh ground it can be anything.