Touching things with your mouth and tongue

I’ve found out that touching things and rubbing them help stabilize my lucid dreams (just like the hand rubbing technique).

But I’ve tried this thing once before, and again last night, where I had two of my longest LD’s so far, I think. I touch an object with my hands AND with my mouth and tongue. I know it sounds ridiculos. :rofl: But it has REALLY helped me stay in my dreams. In one last night, for example, when things started to fade, I was almost sure that I wouldn’t be able to get back, that I would wake up for sure. But then I grabbed a gate and put my mouth on it and licked it lol. And things got back to normal!! :happy:

Again, I know this sounds completely retarded, but it has really helped me. I used to have the “hey, I’m dreaming! wakes up” problem a lot… The first time I did this it came out of nowhere, it was completely instinctive. I think of babies. They always put things in their mouths. They don’t stare at and smell a new toy, they put it straight in their mouth. I think the lips and tongue are pretty sensitive…

Anyway, I just wanted to propose this “technique” to other people who have trouble staying in their dreams. I’d also like to hear if anybody else has done this and if it is as effective as it is with me. :smile:

You know, I do that often enough in my waking state as well so I’m surprised there hasn’t already been some kind of carry-over occurring just naturally; but I will definitely try to slobber all over something the next time I’m lucid dreaming. Sounds like fun and, best of all, no germs! Or at least none that can hurt me in waking life!

I just might try this the next time I am Lucid and my dream starts to fade. It actually sounds like fun and I wonder how a dream character would react if I started licking them fiercely.

Wow, great idea! :smile:
I will definitely have to try this. Makes perfect sense.

Thank you for the idea.

No problem. :wink: Tell me how it goes!

I’m also thinking here… the more I lick stuff, the more chances I have to taste them, which would be cool… but then I’ll have to be careful what I lick… hm…

indeed :cool_laugh: that would be quite… funny? lol, you could always stick your tongue in their ear :slight_smile: MEBY IT’LL TASTE LIKE CHOCOLATE! :woo: mmm…