Traditional or Dreamspell ???

I was wondering the other day, since I begun reasearching the mayan calendar some years ago, I discovered that according to Dreamspell, I am White Spectral Wind, and according to true count, I am Yellow Solar Star.

Well, even though the True Count is… the traditional one, I fell 100% connected with my dreamspell kin, White Spectral Wind.

Which system you follow? Any other thoughts?

Hey Alex.

Yes one’s signature in the traditional Mayan calendar, and the Dreamspell are different.

From day-to-day I follow the Dreamspell - I like the simplicity of 13 Moons of 28 Days + 1 day out of time. However, I still think one’s sign in the traditional count is important, and I derive meaning from it.

It should perhaps be noted that the meanings of signs in the traditional count, and those of the Dreamspell are also slightly different. From what I understand, the traditional signs have a local context and meaning that is implicated in the organisation of Mayan culture today. Ie. Days with particular signs are associated with particular initiation rites, ceremonies, etc.

I’ve also read that the names of the signs in the traditional count, vary from place to place.

I think it’s important to distinguish between the language used to define one’s Dreamspell and traditional Mayan signs.
• In the Dreamspell count - my signature is Blue Rhythmic Night
• In the traditional Mayan count - I am 3 Q’anil.

If I were to use the vocabulary of the Dreamspell and apply it to my traditional Mayan sign that would read “Yellow Electric Star”, however it makes sense to call the traditional Mayan sign by it’s mayan name.

Here’s a page with some traditional interpretations of each of the signs, as followed from within the context of the traditional Mayan calendar. … 2155339101

Here’s a page with info about the 13 numbers of the traditional Mayan calendar … 3185609710