I have some dreams where I lose something like shoes, underwear, etc…

I did dream of being on a train (ND) a few days ago - odd because I’ve never been on one except for an underground train many years ago - with some people I know at work.

I was laughing when i read this. Yes trains are my number one dream sign. I always assume that i am dreaming when i go on the train IRL. :smile: Tracks and power lines make me suspicious too. In general i have found that i often dream about transportation: Trains, buses, cars, bicycles, boats, planes, spacecraft…

I’m dreaming of big ships and big restaurants now… Big is the common factor…

One of the dreams that sticks out most in my mind was a train ride to heaven after I died in a building explosion.
Hmmm… Maybe I have the makings of a country star in me?
“Where were you… when they built that railroad to heaven?”

I can’t remember any train dreams but I’m always dreaming of being late, missing buses, failing things all the time. It feels like a metaphor for my life - that I’ll never get anywhere. In reality I often have a mad rush at the last minute before catching the bus to work.

Hey everbody, my first post. Yeah man i get train dreams all the time. It may be my friends and i smoking doobs on the train. Or me getting knocked out o nthe train by a mugger. Or a police jeep driving onto the subway. Im always on the train, or in teh train tunnels. The last dream that i remember about trains, i was in the tunnels with a partner fighting of some soldiers, then my gun stopped shooting bullets and started shooting piss, funny stuff. Oh and then i blew some guys brains out who was sitting on a horse, in the tunnel. There was also lots of trees and greass and rivers but i na subway tunnel, strangeness.

Oh yeah and my most memorible one was when i took the F train to Amsterdam and it was only a 2 hour ride. And then while there i got a tattoo and hurried home. From Brooklyn to Amsterdam in two hours on the subway, i wish…

Well, after reading this thread I’ve had a train dream.
I had just finished a long journey on a fairly ordinary looking train. I met my friend somewhere near the station where you could still see the trains arriving and departing. There may have been snow on the ground. I waved goodbye as she boarded a very old, unsafe looking form of transport. It was like a goods train, carrying people instead of coal. A minute after it had left there was an alarm and a voice on the intercom announced that it had crashed and there were 8 deaths (yes they knew this within a couple of mins :lol: ) They acted like it was an everyday event that they had experienced many times before. In the station was a wooden box attatched to the wall with lots of little compartments inside, one for each passenger of the crash. You had to look for their name first and if there was a cd in the compartment it meant they were alive. My friends cd was there.

I had one time this year when i had the same dream everynight, exactly the same. It wasn’t a bad dream I sort of liked it. Eventually I realized the reason I was probably having this same dream, was because I always remembered it and thought about it before i went to bed the next night, I thought about how I wanted a new dream. Finally I got my mind off of it one night, and I was thinking about other stuff that had nothing to do with that dream. I fell asleep and sure enough i’ve never had that dream again.

its interesting that you say that you miss the train or you are not on the right train… some people say that a train means an adventure in your dream… or something like a symbol of becomming concious…

so maybe missing the train means something…

i have had a few dreams where i am on a train and then become lucid

I’ve had quite a few dreams recently that feature trains or rail tracks, so I hope it is a symbol of becoming more aware and conscious. :grin:

I don’t think I have ever dreamt about a train, but i seem to have alot of other vehicles in my dreams and I usually end up crashing them and waking up. But 2 nights ago when I was trying to do VILD i suddenly saw a train instead of my VILD scene :confused: . And I wasn’t asleep so i suppose I was having HI or HH.

I think maybe this will answer some questions - it’s from the dreamsign search engine:

"Dream Symbol:



Ah, well, Freud has much to say about seeing trains in a dream, the first thing being that seeing one represents… yes, you guessed it… a penis. Now moving along, if you miss a train, this could be either missing or escaping death or an opportunity that was offered to you that you felt too guilty to accept. I guess you’d know which one of these applies better than me."

The only dream I had with a train in it was when my mother was driving me to school and she decided to take a short cut on an old road which turned into a train track and then a train came and hit the car and killed me. I dont think that was the type of train dream your talking about though…

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I got on a train. When I looked out the window - at first I thought I was going in the right direction. But then realised that I wasn’t - I was going in the direction of Scotland.
The view was spectacular - I wa shigh up and I could see a valley with some small mountains, a lake, trees, rough vegetation and a steam train coming towards me - it was going to pass below me into a tunnel I think.
I looked at the time-table to try and find out which station would be the best to get off at inorder to get a train going the other way. I even considered staying on the train to the terminus and then returning with the train - but it wouldn’t be going to my destination so that wouldn’t work.
(I kept on looking out the window enjoying the view of the valley and the approaching steam train).

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