Can’t somebody stop all those train dreams? In 60-70% of my non lucid dreams, I phantasize about trains, train stations…about the bus…bus stations…I’m missing the train, can’t find the right train…Sometimes I ride in nowheres land…or I get out at the wrong station…sometimes I take a bike instead of using the train…

STOP those trains…it’s driving me nutz…seriously :wink:

Anybody else with a lot of “train dreams”? I used to have a lot of ice/snow dreams…after a year I found out what this dream symbol meant (did it in a dream…snow was a symbol for depression)

But trains??? Colored trains…trains driving over hills, over the land…over the water…thru the city…trains…


:bored: :bored: :bored:

Heh. One day, while riding on the train, I thought to myself, “I spend a lot of time on the train, yet I’ve never once had a train dream. I wonder why not?”

Very soon, every night I had at least one dream that involved being on the train, often more than one… they seem to have stopped now, but no doubt mentioning that will provoke them into returning! ;p

thats a bit odd, I cant remember having any reoccuring dreams, ever…

you could consider it a good thing seeing train dreams also couldnt you? just do reality check whenever there is anything that has anything to do with train, or say out loud ’ Am I dreaming’? I suppose those dreams could really help you get lucid?

Next time you meet a fine lady, don’T forget to ask yourself “I spend a lot of time meeting fine ladys, yet I’ve never once…”

Should provoke some interesting dreams :grin:

You’re so right :eek:
I never thought about that! Thanks! This is how I started with lucid dreams. As a child I had a lot of nightmares so LD helped me to get rid of them :smile:

Maybe I can use Lucid dreaming to make those trains go away…lol


Funny you mention it… I have the same prob… Alot of my dreams for the last few years involves trains…

Usually it involves me running on the railtracks, and the trains allways nearly hit me. :bored:

Ginkgothian: Tell me how it works for you then :smile: . Make it into a habit to always question your reality when in some association with trains. I can see 2 outcomes of it, You start getting lucid more often, or, your train dreams stop…

My problem is I dont really have any reoccurring dream signs, or dreams. Or infact, they most always have one thing in common, they are very weird and odd… I dont think I can associate a reality check with that, since nothing that weird happens in RL… Like gobby alien hoppers that I had in my last dream…
I dont know if there is anything I can do about those weird dreams, cant make them end either?

I think trains are a symbol, primarily a symbol for a feeling that things are going too fast, or in an unknown direction. Maybe it means that things around you should change or you should change something in your attitude to be “on time”. In general it could mean that there’s a problem which needs a (fast) change of the attitude towards an actual topic.
You see in my opinion “change” is the keyword to this.
At thursday i’ll meet my psychiatrist who knows a lot about dreams and especially lucid dreams (he works in a sleeping [or sleep? {please correct me i’d like to know the right word}] laboratory) and i’ll ask him about this topic.


Hehe. Ginkgothian- I think now’s the time I mention that I’m a girl. :grin: But you’re right, that would still be… interesting. :eek:

Amoebe- Maybe for Ginkgo, since he always seems to be missing them, that sounds about right. But I think mostly for me, it just has to do with spending 2 hours on the train every day. Bleh.

Perhaps you need some paradoxe psychology :grin:

How imagine dream scenes before you go to sleep, try to imagine how the trains look like, and what you are doing there.How you run after them (or whatever you do).And then intend to dream about the trains that you imagined

Either you realy do, and perhaps go lucid this way.Or this dream incubation stuff won´t work and you won´t get any train dreams

Curious if this works, came to my mind while reading your post g


Yeah cyril is totally right, use trains as a dreamsign to realize you’re dreaming.

Only to ask yourself if you’re dreaming in real life but still managing to fly!

Yeah…would be awesome if you could do this :smile:
You had also an interesting interpretion…

This is always happening to me :sad:
Anyway…wish you a nice dream (that involes handsome guys, of course!)
the next night :wink:

F***! I forgot about this topic and so missed the chance of asking for further information. :grrr:
I’ll ask him next week! :neutral:

Hey ginkgothian,

You’ve just described something very familiar to me. I must dream of catching a train/bus at least once a week. Very often the train goes the wrong way, or I am all confused over which one to catch or things are going wrong and I am getting later and later… etc.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to stop the dreams. I think with me they represent some sort of anxiety - couldn’t say exactly what I am worrying about though.

Firstly there’s absolutely nothign wrong with having lots of train dreams…

Trains just like ordinary life, are places where we begin a journey. In the dreamworld, it is a good thing if you are travelling on a train alot. It means there is alot of potential for frequent journeys…

Many of my best lucid dreams, were preceded by long train or tram journeys. If you’re carrying too much baggage with you onto the train, then it generally means you’re carrying too much daily life concerns with you into your dreaming… With me, I have had the occasional dream of leaving my baggage on the train - which at the time was a way of telling me, I felt too caught up in my dreaming life, and not relating to my friends as much…

Try and pay attention to the station, what it means to you. Reminds you of.

It’s very common, for the person who seeks out experience or knowledge in dreams, to be on a train alot. Try keeping your intent for dreaming clear and simple, and be happy when you’ve had a dream of a train, it’s probably leading you somewhere.

Wow…exactly the kind of dreams I’m having :eek:
Now, if we could find similarities in our real life…it could help to explain those dreams!

Are you sure? I mean, those dreams are rather unpleaseant to me, because I always feel “lost” or “misplaced”

BTW, since I started this topic, my dreams dramatically changed. Now I dream of taking sport classes at school…and I’m never on time…or I’m unable to find the gym…or…


All kind of being late dreams are very annoying isn’t it!? I remember being on the trains/buses few time in my nonLDs… I think one time in my LD. I either be late or reach at the destination with no problems. I had one bus dream where the bus drivier almost won’t let me go because I was in the bus trying to find my shoes. I told him, “It’s my destination! I just lost my shoes!” Then fortunately, he just opened the doors, being very annoyed. I departed happily. :razz:

Maybe you’re feeling stressed out about something? I am now having reoccuring “sick” dreams and it suddenly stopped when I thought about being stressed out or feel emotionally overwhelmed. I’m still working on to fix the situation where would cause me to be overwhelm. By the way, I rarely have reoccuring dreams. Strange eh?

I had more or less the exact same thing in a dream a few days ago. Pretty weird. It’s the only dream I can recall involving trains, though.

LOL! I have exactly the same thing, trains trains trains everywhere in dreamland. I’m not that bothered by it and like others said I could use this a a dreamsign to become lucid so it could even become an advantage (especially because I travel a lot by train in real life too, good occasion to do some reality checks).

A recurring situation in those train dreams: a train controller appears and while I am absolutely certain that I have bought a ticket I just can’t find it anywhere :bored: . But eventually the guy (or woman) always spares me :content:

Well…I left school a few weeks ago…Now I dreamt that I was on a train and the train stopped at the train station an I +my school colleagues went out…

I think this dream symbol is identified…at least for me. …