Trance Induced Lucid Dreaming

What exactly is trance induced lucid dreaming and how do you achieve it?

I never heard the term, but is it perhaps a synonym for WILD?
(wake initiated lucid dream, look in the “big WILD topic” for more information)
If not, where did you hear of that technique?


I recall about two or three days ago, I read a thread on this site about Trance LD induction but right now I don’t remember what thread it was under. You may want to scout around for it. Good Luck.

I found trance induced lucid dreaming on a website that listed lucid dreaming techiniques, but they only had the name not how to do it :sad: .

It sounds a bit like WILD if you ask me.

Ilovesesshomaru U get several ways to trance into a ld.

Some wild techs are based on trance but not all.

First stating what a trance is, a trance is a split in consciousness where u let one part fall a sleep (or deeply relax) and the other part stay focussed but empty. Thats a classic trance. Because of this u can enter then with your awareness stages between waking and sleep.
Because of this u would see at an eeg machine beta waves that are linked to waking and low freq like theta or delta that are linked to dreaming and sleep.

there are several ways to induces a trance that can lead to a ld.

  1. Some form of meditations.
  2. Selfhypnosis/hypnosis.
  3. special music/sounds then just lay and close your eyes and float into the music some ppl will fall then into a trance and are able to ld from that.
  4. Some form of wilds.

I do a wild that is a mix from chakra breathing/awareness, hypnosis and meditation. And i sure enter a trance before i enter dream stage.


Thanks a bunches for the info! :smile:

Can someone please post some links to some useful links about how to meditate and self hypnotize yourself? I’v searched on the internet but haven’t found any useful links about self hypnosis or meditation…

I have been experimenting with binaural beats and self hypnosis and have noticed that I enter dream states and other severly altered states while combining the two. I think that if you had a self hypnosis file and used binaural beats at the same time, you could guide yourself into a lucid dream state. I will be experimenting with this more and keep this topic updated :smile:

Yes i think thats quite possible!

Goodluck toadstool :wink:


Here is a technique you can use … keeper.htm

Right at the bottom of the page in the dark blue bar are links to sites about meditation and lucidity.

You need to find out about what the buddists call clear light dreaming or witnessing dreaming and how they acheive it.

Get some good books on self hypnosis. I also recommend getting a self hypnosis tape. There are many of these tapes on the market. They are usually for a specific problem like quit smoking, stress reduction, etc. this is not what you want. Try to find one that just teaches you self-hypnosis. In the alternative you could buy good books on self hypnosis and make your own tapes.
If you can afford it you could also go to a professional hypnotist though this is not really necessary if you can find a good book or tape.

You can find books and tapes at most local bookstores. If you have a alternative healing / new age store near you. You may be able to find them there to.