Trance Induction CD

Hey, i seen these trance induction Cd’s on [ … ookCD.html ] and i’m very interested into buying them. does anyone here have them or have you used them before???. good or bad comments, im all ears :wink: .

Thanks :ok:

Anyone . . . ANYONE AT ALL!

Thanks :ok:


You could use any tape/cd that teaches you self hypnosis.

Can someone please explane what these trance inducing CDs are for people who are ignorrant like me? :confused:

[color=indigo]Hello fellows,
They are music, all kinds, dance music, techno kinda stuff, sometimes something as simple as waves on the beach. They sometimes use subliminal messages (I don’t use these ones or have faith in their working) and others use frequencies and stuff to work with your brain to calm you down a lot and do different things (I use these, I have much faith that they work, from personal experience I find them useful). Others use other techniques, that I don’t really know much about but there’s lots of different kinds. They simply use sound to manipulate your brain in certain ways to make it easier to attain lucidity or whatever you might find a use for. There’s lots of sites that have them, some of them are more reliable then others. Sometimes people just put up dance music or something and say it is, and it can cause a placebo effect in which the listener thinks they are becoming relaxed, and thus, they become relaxed. I hope this cleared up a lot, If you have any other questions ask away.:content:


Since he mentions, I think Brad might be referring specifically to the “Trance Induction of Lucid Dreaming” CD narrated by Steven LaBerge.
Mostly, it is an attempt at using hypnotic suggestion to plant lucid dreaming in the listener’s mind.
I’ve used it many times without success … but I would imagine that it is more of less effective for different people.

I am no expert on this stuff but I purchased brain wave generators, Ld Dream CD’s, I’ve tried hypnosis, and meditation tapes, and none of them worked for me. They simply relaxed me and helped me to fall asleep. In my opinion they dish out more hype than they can deliver. I have found that the best information which has helped me is by listening to the experienced LDers on this site and following their advice.