I made this topic in a dream not so long ago. Just thought it’d be nice to make it for real.

Transexuality or gender dysphoria is when someone is uncomfortable with their assigned gender and want to be the opposite gender. (Hey, tell me if I’m off or something.)

As some of you guys know, I kind of fit into this category. I’m not male but am very often mistaken for one on the internet. I’m actually a girl and I hate it with a burning passion. I feel so fricken stuck. It’s like I’m not a girl or a boy. Just a boy trapped in a girl’s body. Not to mention it’s way harder to “come out of the closet” too because transexuality isn’t as accept as homosexuality. :sad:

I want to know how people feel about transexuals and transexuality. (People who hate their gender, cross dressers, and changing their genders.)

And don’t worry about offending me or anything. I can kind of understand how people would be against it.

Whatever floats your boat!

I agree with ilovelucid. I actually have a very close friend(girl) who is engaged to a transexual(guy in girls body). And I respect her very much, both of them really.

Hm, if I might be so bold though, I do have a question for you to kinda bring it back to this forum’s focus(yes, I know it is just in the lucid lounge). What gender are you when you dream(ND or LD)? just wondering, dont feel obliged to answer

As long as you are happy with yourself, what anyone else thinks should be taken with a grain of salt. Whether you’re gay, straight, bi, or transexual, you are still a human being. :smile:

Up until the time I was 13 I wanted to be female, actually felt I should be female.

But for whatever reason, when I hit 13/14 I just stopped caring. No idea why, guess I just stopped thinking about it.

As far as my thoughts on transexuals go, I don’t have any thoughts on it, I don’t assign genders/race/colour/sexuality to people.

Interesting topic…

I agree with the “whatever floats your boat”.

I guess this makes you the ultimate tom-boy then, Wyvern?

Mohegan, maybe that could be due to the fact of puberty. :shrug: When I was younger, I had thought’s of being more comfortable as a girl, but I was never too avid about it. I had A dream that I was a girl, and I felt more comfortable. Though, now I guess because I’ve grown older (and maybe more mature and wiser :razz: ), I definitely would not feel comfortable in a girl’s body. :tongue:

(and as rarebreed brought up)
Wyvern, now that I think about it, when I do get to Sky Island, what gender will you be?

:yes: i kinda sorta fit into this catagory too

Although that may be a bit apperent from some of the dreams i have :lol: most people think i’m just goofy

and that’s definitely part of it. But the whole “uncomfortable with gender” thing was since… hmmm a Long time

Anyway i’ve never really been bothered about it unless i thought about it. But recently it’s been a little more prevalent , maybe because i have never expressed it to anyone so it sorta built up.

so yeah but i think i’m done with denying it or any of that crap. Of course with my friends and family, i won’t go ahead and say anything :meh: anywho so yeah that’s my story, it’s not a very good one :razz:

but even beyond that i think there are a ton different variables, for one, i doubt i would be content either way.

I’ve always been fascinated with transformation, and stuff like that. So that might contribute.

Anyway, that is one of the main reasons for me pursuing lucid dreaming.


honestly really good. i was even going to be all empowered and change the gender in my profile to “none specified” :rofl: yeah that would show em’! :lol: but apperently i can’t. well whatever

Concerning my goals in life, I’ve always wanted to be male.

My secret dream (which I’ll probably never end up pursuing) is to be a rockstar. :lol: And I strongly believe males sing MUCH better than females… I’ve been training myself to sing in the styles of my favorite male vocalists (not working out so well :tongue: ), just for the hell of it…

But I’m happy with being a girl… I mean… I’ll hate it sometimes, but I’m too… attached… (I guess) to seriously consider if there is a conflict with who I am.

Besides… I completely adore guys… :hugs:

But I honestly think that if I were a guy, I’d probably be the same as I am a girl… personality-wise…


TRJR, you EGS is showing! :tongue: And I think the T-gun can also “get that off you chest”

I think I now have a new fun goal for my next LD, too. This topic is really making me curious.

Perhaps what we all need sometimes is a T-gun (transformation gun). :tongue:

yeah well wouldn’t that just solve the worlds problems? unfortunately i don’t see that happening in the near future so i guess i’m stuck

Isn’t anyone on this forum (besides me) comfortable in their current gender? I mean, I kinda expected wyvern to make a topic like this, but this kind of response, is, well, unexpected…

I mean, everyone that replied to this so far seemed to say they had wyvern’s troubles. Isn’t that just a little odd?


maybe a lot more people have the problem then commonly thought. I mean, it’s not exactly looked high upon by society, so this thread could prove a great chance to let it all out for once, and i for one feel safe from any prejudice from doing so here, as i assume i could not find such comfort anywhere else

Whoa… Seriously?

I’ve never felt more like a minority…

:lol: i don’t think you have to worry about that

Shatter, I am more than comfortable with my gender. But here (LD4all) people are pretty open, so this slight dissatisfaction with their given sex could be pretty normal. It may not be the gender per se, but the stereotypes associated with it.

Wyvern, just take care to not let what any prejudiced person says to heart. You’re a good person, so don’t worry about people not liking you on the ridiculous grounds of your transsexuality.

I think that you shouldn’t come out of the closet IRL until you are fully comfortable with it and confident about who you are. It will show, and potentially stop people from picking on you.

Oh, that makes sense. I guess I thought everyone was saying they were like Wyvern, and partially (If not totally) dissatisfied with their current gender. I’ve got to say, that sucks. You aren’t even comfortable in your own body, wyvern.

I’m quite happy being a girl, and wouldn’t want to change that at all. Though sometimes I consider how life would be if I were a guy, and what might be easier and harder to deal with. I wouldn’t trade my gender for anything, but sometimes I feel that if I were a guy, I’d have an easier time making friends. That’s pretty much it.

Anyway, Wyvern and anybody else who doesn’t feel comfortable in your own skin…I’m sorry. It’s terrible that you feel alienated from everybody at times, and have to contend with closed-minded people who don’t understand you. It’s a bad situation to be in.

But luckily, there are always people who support you and make the effort to understand you. There are also procedures you can choose to make your life what you want it to be.

It’s funny, Wyvern, but I always forget that you’re not a guy. That’s just how you come across to me. I wish you luck in your journey, and I hope you find happiness being who you are, regardless of what form you’re in. :smile:

Shatter, I too am perfectly comfortable in my own gender, so not everyone who replied to the topic before you was in the same position as Wyvern; just telling her that it is no big deal and that it is perfectly acceptable. As to the not liking the stereotypes assigned to the gender, I suppose I can agree to that though I never think of it that way, I am definitly in touch with my feminine side and hate a lot of the boy stereotypes, but I never really pay attention to that. I just act as I like and I am happy as the gender that I am.

Whoa, I wasn’t expecting this kind of response at all.
Thanks for everyone’s concern (don’t start throwing me a pity party though. :tongue:). It’s great to have so many open minded people on this forum.

As for what gender I am in a dream, I’m almost always male. It’s usually the first thing I do when I get lucid. Lately I’ve been starting off a lot of my dreams as a guy so that’s a nice dream sign.

Mm I was like that. From when I was twelve to about sixteen I hated being a male completely. I insisted that I wasn’t, and still do sometimes feel like my soul is that of a female, not a male. But mostly I’ve gotten used to it and just accepted the fact that my body is what it is. You aren’t alone Wyvern :content: