Transformation Ideas

In my next LD, I want to transform into an animal. The problem is, I can’t think of which one. Have you ever transformed, and what animal was it and how was your experiance? What animal do you think would be the most fun to transform into?

The Big Transformation topic

A bit old, but it exists :grin:

Hey, cool! This’ll really help me. Any ideas on what to transform into?

Very first animal I transformed into in an LD was an owl.

Hmm, no idea, I havent transformed to something yet :shy:

My highest priority though is a cat-animal or eagle (or both :tongue: )

That sounds like a really cool idea. :cool: Have you transformed into anything else? If you have, what was your favourite?

My favorite animal to transform into is a bat. I just like flying too much. :tongue: Because they have fingers on their wings, I find they have the best control in their flight. And echolocation is pretty neat. It’s also my favorite animal in general.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just animals though. I transform in the majority of my LD’s. It’s something I learned how to do even before flying. My most memorable transformation was probably when I turned into mist. I don’t even know how to describe that. I should make a note to transform into more non-living things. It’s pretty interesting.

Wow, I never thought of that! But, I think I’m going to start with animals.

GHOSTIE11 : Actually, I really like your idea of an owl. If nobody else gives me a better idea, I’m going to try it!

I haven’t done a full transformation yet, but got pretty close twice. (dog :tongue: not sure why. seems simple)

I would think a monkey would be alright to start of with, since they kind of look like humans.
But I always wanted to be an Eagle.

I first have to have a lucid where i just don fly around :razz: but i would most likely start out with wings and grow from there maybe into a griffin or and eagle like the others, or start out with a mammal first cause they are similar idk really but good luck on your quest

I was actually able to transform in my first (relevant) LD last night!
I just spun around and willed it and turned into a black and green wolf with pants on.
Then I preceded to tear a medusas throat out.
It was a good time for all involved.

Don’t forget that it doesn’t have to be real.
You could even turn into copyrighted characters if you wish, my main priority is actually turning into a pokemon :tongue:

But you could do hydra, mermaid, anthropomorphic animal, whatever. You’re in control, and don’t limit yourself by reality!

Transform into a constellation. A crocoduck. Invisible pink unicorn.

If you like flying, you could transform into an eagle or a dragon.
Otherwise, try a snake or a shark…

I’m curious, do you remember what was your first transformation?

I don’t remember the dream where it first occurred but I know my first transformation was a sex change.

As I’ve been reading this topic it’s just occured to me… Like the way that you transform into inanimate objects - would it be possible to transform into the universe itself? Or to transform into a dream, as in… become the dream itself. I’ve never succeeded in transformation but maybe someone who’s good at it could try that out. Would probably have stunning results. :smile:

This, except in an ND. Dag, that was a wild time! (no pun intended)

My first transformation was an owl and was sooo much fun. I was swoopig over this beautiful island at night, then I saw a waterfall below and turned into a fish in air and fell into the plunge pool. Was quite fun. I also turned into a cat once but didn’t really last long before I woke up.