Transforming nightmares

Think of a nightmare you remember. Draw a picture of the dream and/or the main symbols. Notice what you feel.
Think about all the dreams you lost. Someone once said, “To write something and leave it behind us, it is but a dream, when we awake we know there is not anyone to read it.”
If there is a monster, snake, or demon in your dream or waking nightmares, draw it. Connect it to your inner child, wise guide, or any other dream objects or dream characters you can easily accept and understand.
How do the symbols make you feel, and what is the deeper meaning?
Focus on the nightmare and watch the visions/symbols/ideas float away. Replace it with positive ideas.

Archetypes in dreams
a. chase or conflict oriented dreams could mean we are going through a transformation or integration.
b. dreams of crows or ravens or phoenixes can symbolize archetypes representing sacrificing the past foundation to move into the future, the moment.
c. wise guide character - wisdom from God deep inside as we are inspired to grow and empowered to change.
d. Animus, Anima, shadowself, persona. these are masks we put on, a part of our psyche that show up in our dreams. Like dream signs. Notice selves you put on in dreams. Are they the same ones you fantasize about during the day? What does it say about your unconscious/subconscious mind?
Ex. the persona is the mask you wear into the world and in your dreams, your evolving nature and potential takes form in your dreams.

Dreamwork requires commitment of your intent, time, and energy. It also requires jumping out of the unknown over a chism, trusting in Christ that you wont fall into the dark abyss.
Set out an intent to lucid dream and to remember your dreams and learn from them. Then during the day you will have so much energy and motivation and strength to do things, be productive, feel good, etc. Do dreamwork daily. Dreams usually have more than one message. Dreams speak through symbols, images, emotions, and intuitions, all within fragmented stories that we often lose.
Dreams guide us and deepens our intuition and our faith and increases our empathy. Dreams have the power to heal us.

  1. The dream that keeps coming. For me cults and being stranded on highways. Think of why you are having them.

ASK that the dream shows up repeatedly until you can recall it and write down all the details and all of the essence of the dream. Write how the dream makes you feel (scared, happy, excited, gross?) and colors and actions. Maybe paint what the dream was. Find out what the dream is trying to tell you. Even nightmares. What is broken that needs healing?

I’ll write more later. kind of a tutorial for using dreamwork as therapy! :slight_smile: