Transforming objects


I would like to know if people here get easy on transforming objects in LD. For example, transforming a cat int spoon, whatever.
If so, how do you make it? Last night I tried to transform an object but I blocked, I dont know why.


When you try to transform an object, are you looking at it?
If so, this could be the problem. If you’re newer to lucid dreaming, you might not have broken down some of the belief barriers and may not have the right confidence to a solid expectation. As we know, expectation is everything.
Something that helped me a great deal when I started out was to block my view from the object I was transforming at the time. Try to look away when you want to make the transformation happen. Then visualize the object becoming what you want it to become. If this doesn’t work, you can look at the object again, then look away and try to instead visualize what you want to be there instead. When you look back, usually it will be the other object. Before you look at it, though, expect that the transformation has taken place. Eventually, you’ll be able to transform and alter objects while looking at them.

Hope this helps!

That seems to be a good idea, never occured to me :smile:

Thanks for the excelent tip :wink:

Yeah like SpaceTimeBadass said - expectation but I would say demand in a dream, state your demand toward and object or living thing that you want to transform,

like take your example of a cat trying to transform it into the spoon:

When you are in lucid dream you know you can do that so you demand and as it is your dream it will happen, of course there’s some practice involved in that but still if you are indeed lucid it shouldn’t be the problem…