Translate it please (dutch), Somebody, Anybody

Does anybody know what this thing is for (Tzolkintoy, ? I had a bet with a guy in a Russian forum. Some people think that it is a compass and some people – that it is a mechanical calendar… And I thought I knew Dutch better… :shy:
Any ideas? :wiske:

the link wasn’t working because there was )? on the end of the url … I also added the language that needs translating in the topic title

short and freehand translation:

The tzolkintoy is an eternal tzolkinround, it is made of plastic and this is basically an eternal calendar which you can turn with the little triangles to see the day.

So no compass, but a transparant eternal calendar - best readable using lamplight or being hung in front of the window.

Oh, thanks… :happy: About the lamp was the only thing that I understood. :smile: So, you just set the triangles to remember the day, like in a loose-leaf calendar…

yep :smile: