Trapped in someone elses body

What would happen if you had an OBE. A REAL OBE not a lucid dream. What if you walked up to someone actually sleeping and laid on top of their body. Do you think it would be possible to get trapped into their body. Then it would be like a split personality. You would be in control of their body one moment. And then they would be in control the next. :panic: Or maybe you two would just fuse and become one :alien: Weird. But it would be very very scary to get trapped into someone elses body forever. Your body would then be clinicly dead. No soul or anything. Then when your body dies and they finally fine a way to to seperated the astral body from the host it would be useless. Probably impossible, but for you OBErs it’s a scary thought isn’t it. Sorry if I startled anyone.

sounds like a thriller from the late 90’s. Don’t think that would happen. It would not be cool if we have the abillity to control others body.

First of all-this is a great avatar Kaoisa:)
Secondly-i also doubt it could be the case…pretty futuristic idea…but who knows?

Hi Kaoisa,

well i think not because otherwise we would have heard from it long long long ago…
But Stephen King would love it…sure!!!


Kaoisa—I think I read a book about that very topic once, though it was a looooong time ago. The protagonist had to somehow trick this evil spirit/body snatcher to get out. Ha! Seriously, though, I will admit, I have wondered the same thing…

Relating back to cemi field theory, perhaps our brain’s EM field isn’t created at all by neurons in the first place, but by our soul! And our soul, then is our true conciousness and our biological body without our soul is inherently unconcious. Therefore if it was possible to project ourself or physically move our soul, we could conciously control another unconcious body. I would doubt that this is the case, but if it was it would require both people to have an OBE, or the EM fields created by the two “souls” would conflict in control over the brain and cancel out when they disagreed, and would double in intesity when agreeing. Far-fetched, and I wouldn’t expect this to be a possibility, but it is though provoking. With the right evidence, I would agree that our brain’s EM field is not completely created by our brain itself. However, I think that there is evidence to contradict this currently.

thats a pretty cool way of looking at it, ive thought about something similar to it before…ive never tried OBE because Im afraid to get trapped out of my body…its not about being trapped in someone elses body its about some other wandering soul taking mine…
its a really weird fear, but still i dont think i am ready to try an obe

Hi ppl. if you ppl are interested in astral projection search for Robert Bruce. he has been astral projcting all his life and he sais the body drags the astral body back to it so if it is threatened then you would allready be in your body.

I think that will be quite impossible. I have read many posts from and a few arctlces. It seems that when we go astral exploring our body is connected to the soul with a “rope?” :eh: (forgot the real term). Thus when there is danger to our body or to our soul, we will fall back to our body.

Plus there is a force-field in our living body which is turned on 24/7 with or without our soul. Some people(exp. in OBE) in had tried to pull others(who are not able to OBE) out of their bodyto help them OBE. But many claim that they can’t get too close to the body because something is blocking them. Maybe the more powerful guys(saint or evil spirit) will be able to by pass the force-field??? I dun know since i never go astral projecting(alway freak out at the end :bored: ).

Pls pardon my english…

I would just like to mention that this theory only works if OBE’s are “real”. Personally, I think they are the same thing as dreams, and are basically WILD’s. My theory is that people’s bodies fall asleep but their mind remains conscious(like a WILD) and then they try to move something and their mind creates an"astral body". They believe that they are in the “real world” as opposed to dream world, so they see it as the same as real life, and can’t alter things like a regular dream.

That sounds like a cool idea, but I don’t think it’s possible. Like Maxviot said, the astral body is connected to the physical by a silver cord, and no matter what it doesn’t brake until you die. If anyone tried to inhabit your body, (I’ve heard about this with things like demons from the astral who are jealous of people with a physical form and want a body of their own) you’d have automatic control over it and can order them out of your body and they’d have to obey. Still, I wonder what would happen if the other person was voluntary, and let you use their body. Is it possible I wonder? Or even if two astral projectors planned to switch bodies for a while. It does sound dangerous, but very interesting. :content:

there is a theory that if you astral project and enter someone else’s body while they sleep you can actually enter their dreams.

Could you control their body? no.

If an evil spirit was to do so then maybe, but in your case your astral body is still connected to your living body. your astral body may enter that person but to control them you would have to move ur conscious mind into that person as well.

But the possiblity that you could get in their dreams is a very valid one.

MY friend and my self have thought about this not olny in an oobe but also in a sharded dream what if u enter some elses dream and u scare them and they walk up what happens to you. Very cool though