travelling south america

I plan to travel SA for three months (backpacking) and would like to have more information. Unfortunately, it seems utterly impossible to find a really good forum on the subject :sad:
So, if anyone knows a good one, please tell me.
Or is anyone around who could try to answer some questions?


Don’t drink the water. :wink:

That is all I know about traveling down there.

:lol: hah, I seen the title to this thread, and was thinking of giving this same advice.
Don’t drink the water!! The natives are accustomed to it and can drink it, but it will make foreigners sick.
I’ve heard a lot of places around the world are like that … not just South America.

I also understand that the cost of living down there is very cheap.

HMMM… I think you have probably done that trip already by now hehe, but I thought I would still throw my advice in :happy:

Do drink the water!

(You will get probably really sick the first weeks, but then you can drink and eat anything over there :wink: )

I dont take any responsabilities on the consequences of my advice. Its just a theory, I have never been to SA so, I dont know what are the risks from their water exactly …
I got really sick in India though, and I wasnt even drinking the local water :eek: so hard to tell really.

So when I think of it my theory is pretty useless, so to be safe do NOT drink the water…

:peek: Ah well :confused:

go to peru and visit machu picchu.

My god that place is beautiful. :eek:

Yes, it’s going to be Ecuador - Peru - Bolivia - Argentina - Uruguay. Well, depending on how fast I travel, if it’s too much I can change my flight, but the first three countries I definately want to visit
And Hrdaska, I don’t really turst your theory :wink:
What I am really happy about:
I got a “working practicum” (if that is what it is called). That means that during this time I am “employed” as a journalist, writing about ecological and social movements that I am going to visit.

Ok, so from 25 Nov I’ll be away :smile:

HEY!, what with the water?!, the water here is good.
Tapir, you could go to the Iguazú Falls, there are very good beaches in Brazil if you are interested, you could make Scuba Diving (but I think you first need a stupid training), there are some places there were the water is transparent.
Good luck on you trip, Tapir

that is so awesome… You will be living my dream.
I plan on travelling south america in my prime. I can’t wait.
Definitely consider travelling to chile.