Tried WILD

I attempted WILD again…So I meditated in bed, almost was OBE, eyes closed, focused on transitioning into a dream. I got up to walk around and asked myself if I am in the dream yet. Then went back in bed. Tried to lay flat on my back and resisted the signal to turn onto my side. Then a few minutes later I turned on my side. I used prospective memory, I said when I am in a dream I will instantly realize I was in a dream.

It didn’t work! I didn’t have LDs, not even that many vivid dreams, they were dull or I don’t remember them fully.

Although…3 nights ago I did have a lucid dream. In the dream I was at some sort of school and I realized I was dreaming and I did some side aerials and then I flew. I talked to a DC and he said I wasn’t dreaming but I knew I was. I left the school and I saw a Marriot hotel and was going to run to it so I could get in an elevator and go into a different dream scene, but I woke up before I could do that.

Any tips to make WILD work? DILD and MILD usually helps me have 1 or 2 lucid dreams a month and sometimes months of dry spells. And years ago I often had LDs and then woke up and did WBTB and went right back into the LDs.

Hey Rebecca,

Good job on giving WILD a shot. Imo, it’s not the easiest way to have a LD, because you are literally working against what is natural for us humans, which is to lose consciousness during the transition.

People who can WILD easily are like super heros to me haha.

I had my first WILD two nights ago, and it was somewhat accidental.

The only thing I can suggest is to keep practicing and maybe do it at a time when you’re not super tired, yet not too awake either.

Some happy medium might do. If you’re too tired, it’s nearly impossible to not just fall asleep normally. And if you’re too wide awake, it can be difficult to relax long enough to let the body fall asleep.

Maybe try it on a night where, the previous night you had a good sleep.

Also, if you’re really after LDs… I’d say WBTB is the way to go. Many dreamers and researches suggest that you aim to do that after about 4-6 hours of solid sleep. You’re more likely to LD during the later stages of your nightly rest.

I also have a theory that each person has their own unique “sweet spot” when it comes to LD or even just very vivid dreams. It’s a window of time when the magic happens for you.

For example, I know that I’m most likely to have a LD around 11-2pm, so when I’m really looking to have an adventure or solve an inner issue, I try for nap time around that time.

Of course it could just be a stretched out WBTB lolol but, I’d be interested to hear if other dreamers have found a repeated sweet spot time for LDs .

Hope any of this is helpful,
Best of luck!


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Ok. Most of my lucid dreams are DILD I guess. I wish there was a way to make my LDs more frequent, if possible every night!