Trolling dream guide?

Yeah, the title is funny, but my friend says there is a DC who shows up often and claims to be his dream guide. Apparently though, she keeps trolling him. He has another guide called Yuya who is more like his spirit guide, and Yuya has also said that this DC is his dream guide. My friend also said this DC, Faye, has helped him before, too. I thought it was really interesting his DG would troll him, but I haven’t met mine yet so don’t know if this is normal. Has anyone else had a weird dream guide like this? Or is it not his dream guide? XD Here’s an example of her trolling

I think perhaps she just wants him to realise that not everything is dream related and he should loosen up a bit. Whatcha all think?

This made me laugh. :grin: It just sounds like a DG with a eccentric sense of humour. Hopefully your friend sees the funny side of it and laughs along. There seems to be no harmful intent, just good clean fun. If you believe the DG/SG is a seperate entity, it could be just the way they are, if you feel its an aspect of yourself, perhaps it suggests the person is too serious and this is something of a self-healing mechanism to remedy that or an interest in exploring that side of themselves.

What a dream guide :happy:

You need to take out your lucid dreaming ban hammer.

Any good dream guide is a little bit of a trickster. They’re trying to get your friend to look inside hiself.

That’s awesome. :happy: Yeah, dream guides will do things like that to you. With me, it has been my experience that while it is happening (whatever it happens to be) I have no clue what is going on, but afterwards I am usually able to look back and say ‘because of my DG’s help I was able to [whatever]’. I’d imagine this is just an example.

Here’s another way of looking at it; if he were a dream guide, would he do similar things?