trouble falling asleep

okay, here’s my problem… if i stay aware before going to bed, like WILD or MILD … i wont be able to fall asleep… if i just stop, and roll over or something, ill be sleeping in the next couple of minutes.
i layed in bed trying to do mostly MILD at first, then in the end doing some WILD where i watched my breath… but i was up like an hour just looking at the wall and i didnt feel any closer to sleeping whatesoever…

anyone got any advice?

I’ve got exactly the same problem.

i should probably mention too, that i tried WBTB also, but i couldnt sleep then either… it kept me up even at 3a.m. trying to do the WILD and MILD
There’s gotta be something to this problem!

I think were trying too hard, we/I are/am still at an novice stage of LD’ing… I’ve gotta go with the flow :happy:

hm…when i started trying to LD i was so excited by the idea of LDing that i couldnt fall asleep! all the thing you said i went through… it will pass with time… i have been trying easily for 3 months now and no lds jet… dont stress it to much, and take your time!

as willowz said, take it easy!

good luck!

that’s beautiful

what is?

lol that we’re so excited about it and we’ll have to wait some months possibly:P although i hope not because i started a new horrible job that takes up most of my waking life :razz:

I’m a newbiee :content: Last night I tried WILD for the first time, I got the numb feeling all over. But I didn’t see any HI at least I think I didn’t. Well everytime I counted 1 aware 2 aware… I see a black blob pop up and go away the rest of what I see is dark grayness. I also keep twiching when I get to the numb part, then I lose concentration of counting :neutral: and get tired then I fall asleep and have a normal dream I can remember. It took me 30 mins to get to the numb part. I counted up to like…280 slowly. And I did the breathing excersize before I did WILD. Any helpful tips? :smile: I’m also doing the A method, writing a letter on your hand. And I changed my normal dream saying thing. Usually I say “I’m going to sleep now and I’m going to dream. When I wake up I will remember my dream” it worked I master that now I changed it to “I’m going to sleep now and I’m going to LD when I wake up I will remember my LD”.

It takes me 3-5 hours to fall asleep, yet 30 seconds to fall back to sleep…

What I do is wake 5 hours after falling asleep, and then just have idle thoughts about LD as I fall back to sleep. It works about once a month.

Takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours to fall asleep. And lately I’ve been getting these migrane headaches (Well, either that or a brain tumor) very frequently, especially when going to bed (Not sure if you knew this already, but falling asleep is not that easy when it feels like someones slamming your head up and down the mattress.

Question, are you trying to WILD with your eyes open? Since you said your just looking at the wall? Or am I just taking you literally? :tongue:

You want to let yourself drift off into sleep. If you try to be fully aware the moment you lay your head down its not gonna work. You want to let your mind drift off into sleep but every so often remember to check back in so that you can remain aware, this also helps the process go faster. Also one common mistake that keeps people awake is actually thinking about the state they are trying to get into which keeps them from getting into the state. Stop talking to yourself when you are trying to wild and just listen.