Trouble Focusing in the Morning

Hello! I used to be very active in these forums, but have neglected my lucid fantasies for quite a while… :cry:

Now I am trying to get back into lucid dreaming because it is addictive!

This morning I tried my WBTB along with a MILD/WILD. (Also, I used a mantra to wake myself up 5-6 hours after going to sleep). For my WILD I usuall repeat " 1, I’m Dreaming… 2, I’m Dreaming" over and over to keep my mind focused. However, I found that this morning…when I would get to around 6 or 7, I would totally stop thinking about counting and get distracted by some other thought.

I am not sure what I should do…or where I should go from this. Any help would be great! Thanks!

With WILD you have to know which “type” of a dreamer you are: the one that experience HH like sound, images and such or the one that mostly gets body sensations like floating, vibrating and such…

After knowing that you have a few things that you can do plus the things you think you can do. Don’t worry about random thought popping in your mind, as long as you can stay awake and focused on the goal. Remember, your goal is not saying mantra or stay awake/aware. You have to stay aware as you falling asleep…

I feel as if I get both, but lean more on the vibrations and body sensations. However, when I do my WILD, I just lay there for ages it seems…not moving… staying completely aware but not getting any results. The one thing I do, which I am trying to get better at, is not swallowing.

Besides the swallowing, I lay there and breathe deeply through my nose, passively watching the colors, and nothing ever happens.

Are you relaxed enough? You could perhaps try the relaxation exercise - tensing your muscles one at a time from your feet to your head and also self-hypnosis. Try suggestions for relaxation.

Also, SP (and then WILD) usually occurs much more often when lying on your back. Have you tried that?

I normally always do my WILDs on my back, with the occasional switch to my side to change it up. Seems like every WILD, I just lay there and nothing happens.

Well if you are lying down that’s all you gonna do. Your goal is to fall asleep in order to dream therefore lucid dream…