trouble going from SP to LD

I have the most success with LD’s in the morning either when I wake up to go to the bathroom around 5-6AM or after I hit the snooze on my alarm.

I’ve noticed, though, that I have a lot of dreams that are obviously sleep paralysis. I can’t move but I can hear things going on around my house. I hear people stomping around, my son talking to me, the television getting turned on. I know that it’s all a hallucination. But as soon as I try to sit up the dream state is shattered and I’m sitting up in my bed in real life.

The past couple of mornings I’ve been stuck in this state. I either get just SP where I’m aware that nothing’s real, or I just have a regular dream.

Any advice on how to gently transition from SP to lucidity?

It’s the most trickiest part of WILD. But don’t look at it as obstacle. I can relate to what you are talking. In one period of my learning of WILD I was very successful with getting into this “twilight” state but when I need to make transition nothing happened or I would end up in the dream which I lost in just few seconds…

For some time I thought that this is it, that I can not do it. And with time the problem solved itself. How?! I don’t know. This just disappeared. And when I did transition I would stay in a dream and I could stay there for some real time.

How to make a gentle transition?! Well sadly there is no universal way. What works for me might not work for you… But I use few ways. When I feel myself in this state usually I know when is the time to make a transition and always I go with the feeling. Sometimes I roll over and imagine myself in a dream, sometimes I raise up or sink down but the best one is letting myself fall asleep in this state. This almost every time grants me success!

Good luck! :content:

Thank you for your advice! I think maybe instead of trying to sit up, I should just roll over, or try to sink further into the dream. I will keep trying. It’s good to know that others have the experience that I do!

Yes, it’s all about experimentation. See what works best for you.

When lifting yourself up there might happen something amazing. Some would say that you experienced OBE. The feeling you get is really something that you would describe as “leaving” your body. Physical disappears and freedom is manifested. Really something.

Although on my first try as I lifted myself I got stuck and I was hitting the ceiling, I couldn’t pass through for some reason… -.- But the next time, it was and “AWE” experience…

I really hope you do experience something like this if you already didn’t…

Good luck! :content:

I think the problem may be that you attempt your movement prematurely. when I do a successful WILD it always starts by letting SP take over (you seem to have that part down), letting HI form to a very vivid state with absolutely no interference or guidance on my part, and then I wait until it all feels like it closes around the back of my head and my body goes completely numb. This usually (for me) involves alot of vibrations and rushing, which can be frightening if you let them. Once that happens I almost feel forced to move and there is usually alot of flashing colours. At that moment just a couple of swimming motions or taking a step forward (depending on what I feel forced towards) will pull me into the dream vividly, if I try before that I just lose it like you described… I usually don’t have much problem with this transition, but last night I did to my surprise. I know it’s because people making noise in the other room were breaking my dreamscapes as they formed, but it was so odd; I actually hit REM sleep consciously with no dream. I literally layed in bed feeling full SP and massive amounts involuntary facial/eye twitching, but all while fully aware of my body, just staring at the back of my eyelids. It went on for about an hour or two off and on, in 15 minute periods. Strangely it was the most restful sleep ever. xD

that’s so wild that you can be consciously aware of all of these different stages. amazing! especially the conscious REM sleep. I definitely have a new perspective on the problem though, I think if I just relax and let it pass into a regular dream state I should be ok. I just get impatient I guess

So, I had complete success today! I was really excited about it. I was lying in bed and could hear the shower running, which I knew was a hallucination. So instead of getting too excited, I continued to lay there and attempted to feel myself sinking further into the dream. I then gently rolled off the bed and viola! I was in a lucid dream.

thanks for all of your advice <3

:hurray: :beer: , congrats. See? It’s not that hard! :content: