trouble sleeping...

Okay, yesterday I got real tired real early. So I went to bed at 9pm, read a little EWLD, and then tried to get some sleep. “Tried” being the key word. I didn’t get any sleep the entire night and I don’t understand it because I don’t ever remember being this tired before. If anyone can give me an explanation of why I might have not slept well please feel free, but that’s not why I made this topic.

Does anyone know of a technique that could help with getting to sleep faster? I don’t want to have to resort to drugs but if it happens again I think I’d have to find some sleeping pills.

Maybe try to read some boring book (or book that doesnt excite your much) until you either fall into sleep while reading, or put your book away not before you feel that you are really ready to sleep.

Or if you can’t get sleep after half an hour trying, take the book again and read. Next time it should be easier to fall asleep, because going to sleep too early can disturb falling to sleep, or you sleep few hours and can’t get sleep for the rest of night anymore.

But it can be also that if you are in state of really tiredness, then it’s sometimes very hard to get normal sleep. You are just in half sleep. Maybe someone can give some help on this, because i experience it only sometimes when i want to sleep in daytime.

Have you tried to drink some warm milk before going to bed? That might do the trick. You can read more about it here:

You could also do the sheep thing, but now with LDs: “1… I’ll have a LD… 2… I’ll have a LD…” and so on… It’s kinda like the mantras which help you to incubate a LD later that night, but I think it might also work to put you asleep.

Actually I drink milk every night before going to bed, but it’s usually as cold as possible. It wouldn’t be changing much of my routine to just let it sit for a while. But about the mantra thing… isn’t that for inducing WILDs? I’ve tried and failed at WILDs and all it did was keep me up longer. I also remember counting sheep not working as a kid, though I haven’t tried it recently. I think I’ll go with some warm milk and a boring book.

sleeping aids work sometimes, but i am afraid they interfer with dream patterns (i’ve posted about this not too long ago). ive tried sleep aids and they do work on most occassions, and i will still have dreams (even lucid), but on a recent attempt i took a sleep aid and it only made me exhuasted, yet still unable to sleep. a very uncomforatble situation to be in… all night. counting sheep certainly doesn’t work for me; my damn sheep cant seem to jump the fence. maybe the first one or two will make it, but all those who follow cant clear it and end up in the sheep pile. and you cant count those ones. perhaps im crazy… my sleep patterns are different now that im going to school instead of working, so i can sleep regularly now. sometimes the stress of knowing i have to wake up in (insert hours) keeps me awake.