Warm Milk

it may be a coinsedence…[however u spell that]…but i had warm milk the other night and that same night…i had a LD…im not sure if it was related in any way. but i heard earlier that milk does help…but WARM milk not only might help u in LD…but it puts u to sleep. its just like turkey…but i think its better. anyways…ill have to work with it. and…it does sound gross. so if u dont like it…either dont drink it or hold ure nose…

found that if it was too hot…it doesnt work as well…keep it warm…which means put it in the microwave for like 1:00 minute tops.

Put about a tablespoon of honey in a glass, microwave it, and then put milk in the glass and then microwave it. Drink it right before bedtime and it will make you go to sleep faster.

Milk has something in it (jeff could explain this better) that helps put you to sleep, but it is hard for it to get to the brain unless you mix honey in with it. Honey has things in it that break down brain barriers that help the syuff in the milk to get to your brain.

:cool_laugh: i hope that made sense!

yup…thx for the info

Milk increases Serotonin, which in turn makes you sleepy.

Just put sleeping pills in your milk and you will have super milk


but sleeping pills screw up chances of having a LD and it screws up Recall.

yeah they make me too tired and i often wake up later and forget everything.

I drink cold milk before I go to bed sometimes, It still takes me hours to get to sleep and never caused an LD.

Maybe the warmness helps somehow.

Well, that’s like saying, “I don’t fall asleep quickly when I drink iced tea, but when I drink hot tea, it relaxes me enough so I can dose off within minutes.” Yes, temperature makes all the difference.

Does warming the milk make it taste bad? Also, Should I drink it RIGHT before bed, or an hour or two before?

I’d take the milk right before you go to bed.

But don’t microwave it… jesus, please don’t do that.

You can cause the milk to “curd” or get lumpy and you will actually have some cottage cheese type milk.

To make milk warm just pour it into a glass and drink it 30 minutes later.

But don’t microwave it… jeez.

add honey if it tastes bad.:smile:

it usually makes me drowsy around 20-30 minutes after drinking.

is it only milk from cows that contains tryptophan? would other dairy milks or even soya milk also contain it?

I was researching on the tryptophan and I’ve actually become intrigued with it. I have chosen this compound to become the subject of my chemistry research project.

I believe tryptophan is in most all dairy products and meats. It is one of the 8 essential amino acids.

I was reading a website and they said to ingest large amounts of carbohydrates to get the best out of the effect. When the carbohydrates hit your stomach your body will create large amounts of insulin to combat the projected sugar intake.

Well, the insulin will clean the blood of pretty much everything but tryptophan and it will have a one way ticket to the brain all to its self. The site also mentioned to do it on an empty stomach.

I guess the honey in the milk helps create insulin and the trytophan becomes more effective. Oh well, I don’t know much anyway, I am still learning.

But if you want seratonin in your brain just pop a prozac, or take some extasy, its far more easier then the milk method.

well…i microwave the milk for about 1 minute…and its not lumpy or anything. it tastes weird…but that can easily be fixed by holding ure nose :smile:

have u ever actually microwaved it? i do it and it’s fine :eh: . personally i would find it much worse to drink lukewarm milk that’s been sitting out for thirty minutes :bored: . if it does curd and stuff, u’d prob have to microwave for pretty long until it does.

:eek: …but not recommended.

i’d much rather eat a hand of bananas and a glass of warm milk to get my serotonin …besides, people who are on anti-depressant (ssri) often report difficulty with sleeping, nightmares or remembering any dreams at all which totally defeats the purpose.

not sure what effects a one time use of the drug could cause.
don’t know anything about ecstasy so can’t connent on that.

go natural!!

pst…microwaved milk seems perfectly fine to me. 90 seconds on high. sure beats using the stove…i always tend to forget it’s on and end up with skin on top, over boiled and a huge cruddy milk mess to clean up.

Well I’m on the anti-depressent Paxill and I had 5 dreams the other night, 3 of which were lucid.

To tell the truth lucid dreams have really helped with my depression. I could probably ditch the depressants and just lucid dream.

When ever I have a successful lucid dream I am always in an amazing mood.

I don’t have any problems sleeping, I never had a nightmare since I was like 4, and I can recall dreams sometimes with out writing them down.

Well, I guess it works for me because I’m actually prescribed to it, but who knows.

Going to try warm milk and honey tonight, so I’ll post the results tomorrow :smile:

Although all these milk products contain tryptophan, precursor to serotonin and melatonin, they also contain tyrosine. While tryptophan and carbohydrates may relax your body easier, the tyrosine has the opposite effect: it keeps the body awake. The battle between these two may be won by tryptophan if we’re talking about warm milk, but it’s not always that straightforward. In some products, both effects seem to annihilate each other so netto there will be no effect at all.

PS. From askdrsears.com/html/4/T042400.asp :