Warm Milk

The thing is, if you eat those types of food the WHOLE day, it doesn’t have enough seratonin, b6, or melatonin to noticebly affect your dreams. I actually did a study of how food affects dreams (for school :tongue: ) and I couldn’t really notice that foods changed my dreams all that much. If you take a seratonin pill or melatonin or b6, they will noticeably affect your dreams because they have about 100 times the amount of substance in them than foods most likely. Here’s a link to a tutorial on dreamviews( :colgate: ) It explains a lot about seratonin and such.

Had warm milk and honey for the past 2 nights. It had little to no effect when I was going to sleep (could notice SP though). However, I have had consecutive dreams in the morning hours when I doze off for around 15 mins then wake up, then repeat it. Those nights I drank it 20 mins before going to bed, but tonight I will drink it right before shutting the light off. I’ll be sure to report any results…



It did more for me than when I drank it a while before bed. I got into SP really quick and felt like I was slowly drifiting away. But I eventually broke out of it because I didn’t know how long I was supposed to wait. :tongue:

So I got pretty close with this method, but just got impatient and went to sleep. LDing is not for the lazy… :cool:

For those in the UK, I found a new product in Sainsburys the other day. It is called night-time milk and has been specially produced to contain extra melatonin. I don’t know how much more this would have than normal milk. I tried some on its own last night and seemed to sleep more deeply than usual, but that could just be because I was expecting something like that. I will have to try it with honey.

The manufucturer has a web site with a small amount of info: https://www.night-time-milk.com/index.htm

whoa night time milk, that’s cool! I like how the container looks too. Makes me want to buy some, but I live in the US, bummer.

Something I don’t understand that night-time milk, it says they milk cows first thing in the morning, wouldn’t it make more sence to milk them in the middle of night/just before they naturally goto sleep? But then again thats why I’m not a biologist :smile:

And does anyone know if tryptophan is found in smaller quantities in skimmed milk? It’s all my family drink, it’s pretty much like white water, but I heard it’s still gots lots of teh good stuff with less/none of the fat. Thanks.

yes, good question : is skim milk the same as 2% or whole milk as far as tryptophan content? To the dude who was freaking out about microwaving milk, hey, don’t you ever make hot chocolate?

I’m trying the warm milk with honey right now. It tastes weird and kind of gross, but we’ll see what it does.

Who are you kidding? Warm milk with honey is delicious!

Um… maybe I just always put in too much honey… It ends up about 1/11th of the height of the milk before I stir it.

Did that make sense?

I still don’t think warm milk (even microwaved) with honey tastes weird or disgusting. It tastes like milk with honey, except that it’s warm! :smile:

well, you have your opinion of what tastes good and what doesn’t. To me, it tasted strange and kinda unappetizing. Anyway, I couldn’t get to sleep although I did feel tired after drinking the mixture. My sleep pattern was all messed up though, so I’m not sure I can draw any conclusions at this point.

I still say it tastes weird! =P

it does…just hold the nose…:razz:

I tried this and couldn’t sleep the entire night. :angry:

anyone tried milk+chocolate+honey? - hot ofc. :content:

Some old guy across the street said to try warm milk with a tsp of powerdered milk and honey (brown sugar if don’t have any). Tastes awful but it works (for me).

Warm milk is so good, and yes it does help you to go to sleep i always use to drink it when i was little and it knocked me right out

Ummm Trazadone works better…

I’ve drank Skim milk my whole… will Skim have the same effect as Whole milk?

Yes it should have the same effect skim milk jsut means it has less fat…