Trouble with keeping a dream journal

So I recently got into LD and I already had my first LD . But I’m having trouble with keeping a dream journal. The reason is not because I can’t recall my dreams , In fact I can remember them relatively well. But when it comes to writing them down , I can’t.

E.G. One moment I’m on a concert , and I’m going to the toilet and then I’m watching this site and looking at an episode called nemo in which he’s my son (idk I just kinda knew that) , then I’m kinda watching Naruto but I don’t even know If I’m a main character or am I just watching it then I don’t even know I just saw myself putting out some flames. tf?

How am I supposed to write that in dy DJ ?

But I do take some time in the morning , I close my eyes and carefully go through my dreams.

Hello granit,

I believe that the most important intended audience for your the DJ is yourself.

Therefore, if you could write that example, why cannot you just write your DJ like that? We know that dreams can be weird and they may not follow a logical sequence. You are not expected to be a fiction writer for best selling books.

I could understand everything you wrote there. Then, if you can understand it, it should already be beneficial.

When a scene suddenly changes to another, I call it a ‘shift’ in my dj. If there is a gap in time, I call it a ‘jump’. If an event has two possible views, I mention it in the write-up with a / between them.

You will find a way of writing your dreams up in a way you can fully follow and understand.

I did write it , but I was afraid it wouldn’t have the same effect.
Anyway , I also suspect that it’s not a single dream but many smaller one.
The reason I think that is because sometimes when I wake up at 6 or 7am I know only half or 75% of what I know when I wake up at 9am or 10am.

Many thanks for the help.

Granit hey !

I haven’t had an actual LD yet myself, but I’ve already gotten better at learning.
You can read from my post here that I use my iPhone, right next to my pillow, with the VOICE MEMO RECORDER function turned-on > so the moment I swipe my phone open it appears and I push the red button to start my BlaBlaBla immediately.

I hope it helps for you. Rgds, Hans

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