Trouble with stablizing LD

Last night I had my first LD (finally!).
I was in a bus I take everyday (seems like buses are my dream signs). There were my friends who I was talking to. I realized something is wrong because every time I blinked, the bus was on different bus stop. So then I did nose RC and it was really strange to breathe through! After I did that, the bus was almost empty. Only me, a driver and an old lady was there (she was poking and pinching me during the whole dream). I decided to stablize the dream. Checked my hands - they certainly weren’t too flat. Rubbed them and went to bus driver to tell him to stop driving. Then the dream went black.
It was strange for me because I wasn’t excited at all. When I was back in my bed I tried chaining but it didn’t work :eh: Anybody able to explain why was I “kicked out”?

(I don’t know if I called it right by using the word “stablilizing”, what I mean is rubbing hands, spinning around etc.)

Hello, welcome to the forum!

Well, there are many techniques of stabilizing dreams…rubbing hands is just one of them.
(By the way, I always rub my hands when I’m walking or not doing anything specific, just for extra stabilization).

Another technique is shouting ‘‘Increase lucidity’’, ‘‘lucidity x1000’’ or something like that.
You could also touch things from the dreamworld, that helps me too.

But it’s not always like that, sometimes you just get kicked for an unknown reason…I mean dreams don’t last forever.

Dreams are unpredictable.
But congrats on your first LD…I wish you many more :smile:
Keep trying.

Congrats on your LD! Sometimes the first ones are short even if you’re not excited. I guess since it’s a new experience you’re not used to it ends up happening :sad: With a little practice you start learning the “feel” of it and that can really help :smile:

The moment you notice your vision fading at all, do the hand rubbing and start spinning. Even if you feel like your awake, if you can still feel your hands rubbing together, you can pull the dream back. Here’s and example of one of my own personal experiences with saving a very unstable dream.

Also, Sandra wrote a great article on our knowledgebase call Prolonging Lucid Dreams, and I would really recommend you check it out.