Trouble with WILD and MILD... HELP!

Hey guys. For some reason, I’ve been trying lately both WILD and MILD, but I end up awaken for a long time when doing them, and only sleep when I finally give up. Also, on the next day after trying, my dream recall seems worse than ever. Anyone can help?

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This is a problem lots of people have with WILD.

Try doing progressive relaxation/meditation/self hypnosis before doing WILD/MILD. That should help you get to sleep faster.

You can also do WBTB with WILD. Just don’t stay up too long. In fact, if you don’t have to don’t even move when you wake up. Go right back to sleep doing WILD and things will go much faster.

Also, (and this is important) remember you do have to go to sleep. When most people start doing WILD they keep themselves too conscious, too awake to crossover into the dream world. You need to let go of all your active thinking except your point of focus.

I hope this helps you a little bit. Just keep practicing and you will get there.

Happy Dreaming

Maybe you need to ease back a little on your level of effort?

I have the same problem when I try WILD.

But MILD I’m able to get sleep with. I alternate the phrases, and dream recollection, and if I let up on the repetition, I can fall asleep.

About MILD, you don’t have in my opinion to repeat the sentence over and over. You can just repeat it 20 times, with full conviction then you go to sleep. Thus you won’t be exhausted by insomnia and you’ll remember your dreams in the morning. :smile:

Hmmm I’ll try this, thanks!

So just repeat “I’ll have a lucid dream tonight” 20x and it’s fine?

If you never had a LD before, as you don’t know what it is, I think it’s better to repeat “Tonight, I will realize I’m dreaming”. It’s clearer. Don’t repeat it in an automatic way. Be in the meaning of what you say. 20x is enough in my opinion. And the deeper relaxed you are, the best it works. Good luck! :smile:

Great, I’ll do that :happy:

And yes, the other one didn’t work >_>

I seem to have the same problems, and i’m starting to lose hope, but i’ll try this. Thanks for the posts.

I agree completely. In fact I think 20 times is what Labarge recommend in his book. It is also important to note that you do not have to keep repeating the mantra until you fall asleep. Just repeat it until you can do so without thinking about anything else 20 times. Then, completely let go of it and let yourself fall asleep.

Also very true. Again Labarge found that “tonight I will realize I am dreaming” worked better than “tonight I will have a lucid dream.”

I didn’t know that. I was thinking of the Coué’s method (a famous autosuggestion method in France). Coué recommends to repeat the autosuggestion sentence 20 times.

Actually, I have to make a correction. Labarge does not mention anything about repeating the mantra 20 times in EWLD so I must have recalled that number from some other book I read.

Anyway, as I mentioned in another thread I never counted how many times I would repeat a mantra. I just did it until I felt my intention was “set”.

The import thing is that you:

  1. are highly motivated
  2. Be in a deeply relaxed state or close to sleep
  3. Repeat your mantra single-mindedly (with out other thoughts)
  4. keep the mantra simple

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I found out that WILD works best for me :happy: I actually had my first two short LDs with it. But thanks for the tips, if I ever need them now I know.