Troubles with sleeping, best LD technique?

Hey ppl, haven’t been around for a while and I missed you all a lot, so hello again!
I’ve had a few LD’s, especially in one certain week for some reason. I think because of RC’s and I WILD’ed once.
But, my problem. It takes me hours to sleep. Always. So if I’d WBTB, I wouldn’t get enough sleep and I really need it. And MILD’ing just gets boring after hours of repeating you’re going to lucid dream and everything around it.

What do you guys think is the best technique to LD for me?


MILD is not useful if you repeat mantra over and over again, the point of mantra is to said it until you are confident in what you are saying. For example, my mantra for MILD is: I will dream and I will realize that I’m dreaming, and I said that no more then 5 times. Because the point is in believing in what you’re saying not just pointless repeating of mantra.

I understand that is pretty hard to WBTB when you have a school in the morning but try to go to bed earlier and wake up a little bit earlier for WBTB then you would usually and try to stay awake for only few minutes… In another words try to adjust technique to your own possibilities…

And not to use WBTB try DEILD technique it’s pretty promising…


For some reason I never read about DEILD, it sounds interesting. Thanks!

As dB_FTS said, the point of MILD is not to repeat it over and over. Once you have the idea and intention there, it’s not necessary to keep repeating it as you fall asleep.

Also, although the initial intention of this video is more for WILD and DEILD, I’ve also used it to help myself fall asleep faster. It feels as though it doesn’t take me as long to fall asleep using this, even at bedtime.

Also, when I WBTB, I don’t usually stay up. If I WBTB, I usually just wake up, reset my intentions, then go back to sleep. However, if I want to make some quick notes in my DJ and my goal journal, then it’s maybe at most 15 minutes. Usually, however, I just pretty much go back to sleep right away. Even without resetting intentions, it makes a sort of “division” for me.

I hope the video helps!