Try this moving technique!

Ok tell me if this is a good idea, or if you have tried it. If you want to go somewhere in a LD then you pull out a black disk, then you jump into it, just like in cartoons, and end up where you want to be. Good idea?

Haha, it’s amusing to say the least. I haven’t tried it, but I’d say that it has a good chance of working, so long as you can imagine it.

I did have this idea quite a while back, I intended to use a portable hole to take me to the Labyrinth. Unfortunately I never remembered the intention when in a lucid dream.

That would be fun kind of like using a door. Also you could open up a portal and go through it.

A portable hole. Love the idea. Imagine carrying around a hole in your pocket! :eek:

Yeah, I imagine drawing a door with chalk on the wall, and opening it to find yourself wherever you want to be.

I’m going to bed soon here, and reading up a lot on the forums in hopes to get back into LDing. If I get lucky tonight I want to try this.

I just successfully did this last night, it only took me 6 months to get to do it. :wink:

curious, sometimes i make my arms really long and grab what is in the distance and pull myself to it.

That’s a good idea. It makes it easy to find a way to where you want to go. :happy:

just drawing the door or hole with my finger works just as well in my lds :cool: i wonder if you would be able to see through the hole to the place you wanted to go to?

I think its a good idea, kind of cartoon like, but ok. I always teleport myself to werever I want to go, since I tried to cross the ocean and reach for Egypt but It took too long :content:

I dont use holes to move in LD’s, I either fly or spawn a fast vehicle, it works for me anyway. When I teleport its with concentration and voila, Im there. But if I remember Ill try with this wormhole.

I think that would work just fine, as long as you can imagine where you want to go and have the confidence it will work.

Its just that I use other methods to fasttravel :cool_raz:

good idea, but what if you just keep falling…In blackness and never end up anywhere?? :confused:
on the topic of travel, I’ve heard that f you jump into a mirror, it will take you to another place in a dream, In two of my LD’s I’ve tried it and I just bang my head on the glass! :grrr:

That’s hilarious, it seems like you don’t believe in yourself enough. :tongue: . I never fell into a black hole before, i think i will do that tonight tho, seems fun.
:wallhit: <---- You (pretend its mirror :tongue: )

:hmmm: the last post made me avoid this method, I dont want to use wormholes, sounds too risky :cry:

Pshh, baby. Wormholes are the one of the most exciting things I have ever experieced, ever. This just happened to me last night. :eek:

Maybe I will test it, but you talk about the risks, I prefer safer methods :razz:

The risks are a fun experience on my part. I have successfully used this method about 3 times now. :content: