try this out

My next LD i want to become the Earth, it would be quite an experience to feel the gravitational pull of the Sun and your immense size. Being able to feel every person on earth walking, feeling the leaves on every tree, the lava core of the earth, the layers of crust, just EVERYTHING all at once.

It would be a difficult task to accomplish. I, myself, once have transformed into an earth. I experienced and felt all people at the once. The nature and everything. It was overwhelming then as soon as I woke up… I immediately forgot a lot of stuff. Apparently, I couldn’t accept everything at once so it seemed to be less-detailed LD than I wanted it to be.

:shrug: However, I wish you the best luck though. I know you can do it! :biggrin:

My god, I praise you! That is truly an amazing feat to accomplish, must have been a stunning experience. Yes, I’m defintily going to give it a go one time, but first I have to end this no-LD streak and get my act together. Thanks for the inspiration!

Try to accomplish this by flying of the earth and then into it to make yourself one with it!

Yeah that would prove interesting
Another cool way would be to start out as a super compressed atom, then explode and start forming the Earth

Hahaha, try this…
Shrink yourself and travel into a dream character’s body.
The anatomy will make perfect sense while you dream, and you’ll probably be very surprised.
But you’ll realize how ridiculous it was once you wake up.
(like a spleen connected to the brain that pumps out veins… don’t ask)
Still fun to try it out.
I was only able to explore for a few minutes before waking up.
Too bad :sad: