Trying hard without trying too hard

People say it really helps to try hard when you’re going to sleep doing MILD, but at the same time I keep hearing that its a bad thing to try too hard. Maybe somebody could clarify the difference of hard and too hard for me?

It’s like when you eat a really good chocolate dessert. It’s rich and delicious. But if it’s too rich, it makes you sick and it’s not that good.

I’ll assume you celebrate Christmas and ask if you can relate to being a child the night before Christmas. This can apply to any occasion where you are excited and wish the next day will come.

If you try too hard to go to sleep on Christmas Eve it can make yourself stay up all night. It’s kinda like that.

I think it’s best if you approach it with a nonchalant type attitude, but remain diligent and don’t become easily frustrated.

I’d have to say, you need to practice at it because it is the kind of thing you have to develope a “feel” for. Personally, I have never gotten MILD to work, but maybe I will give it another try.