Trying so much WILD led to an unexpected MILD, but..

I couldn’t control it.

After numerous attempts at WILD which got me to SP 2 times in the beginning (where I unfortunately freaked out & screwed it) but which got worse and worse with every try I thought I would make a small break.

So yesterday I accidentally fell asleep on my couch together with my GF and had about 5-7(!) different, kinda short, dreams that I remembered before the sun woke me up in the morning at around 7am.

I wanted to go to the other side of the room where my bed stands to get more comfortable but I fell asleep again instantly (10secs later) and found myself in a new, longer dream, I can’t really remember right now.

What I can remember, though, is the end of it, where I stood in a hotel at the reception and the receptionist told me something (I couldn’t remember what it was, not even in the morning :confused:) that made absolutely no sense to me in that situation and instantly created one thought in my mind: “THIS IS A DREAM!”.

Everything became clearer instantly and I knew that I became lucid, but the situation absolutely overwhelmed me. I dunno why but I wanted to create a whole new dream scene directly but couldn’t really think of one so everything became black and I lost lucidity… I didn’t wake up, the scene just went black and I kind of lost my mind till I woke up, which was at 11:30am.

Can anyone tell me what things I did wrong in that situation and how I can control these situations when I become lucid? Guides mostly only tell me how to become lucid but not how to avoid loosing it after archieving.

Thanks for reading,

Hi Cherry! Congrats on all the lding. You should have a clear idea of what you want to do before you start lding, otherwise it can lead to these kinds of situations. You should read this Dream control course. It’s very helpful on telling you how to keep the ld stable and to control what you want to. Good luck on future lding :smile:

Thanks for the helpful response! :smile: