Trying this induction method

How is this technqiue?

Go to bed telling myself when I dream I will see a certain celebrity in a life boat in the middle of the ocean. And when this happens I will reality check

WBTB and tell myself I will see celebrity in my dreams

Picture seeing celebrity in my dreams during the day

Hello Enz.

That technique is known as VILD. Check this topic for more information. (It is actually a pretty straightforward incubation technique. I don’t think he was the very first one to create it despite his claims, but the rest is useful)

I hope this helps.

Its a bit different. His is induction when go to sleep and mine is wbtb early in the morning

Almost all techniques work better when combined with WBTB. I have good results with a variation of VILD done in the morning. It is especially powerful when combined with “daydreaming” in bed about the scenario I want. With some luck, this can even turn into a WILD.