Trying to lucid dream in my dream?!?

it was my 12th atempt and failure with the WILD method last night and i was doing fine with the HI but apparently somewhere in between i just drifted off in to sleep and had a regular dream that was very strange.

In my dream i was in a cabin on top of a mountain with my family, uncle, and aunt. We had all just got up and my uncle suggested that we should all walk from the cabin to his house and have breakfast, so everyone started to leave the cabin and my uncle told me to get out of bed so i could come too, but i told him quietly i didnt want to disturb my sleep because i was trying to lucid dream and i was really close to being succesful and i saw a park with my eyes closed that seemed very real and i knew that park was a dream scape so i tried to jump into the dreamscape with my dream body but i accidently moved my real body and woke my self up(woke my body that was trying to LD but i was still in the dream).Now that i had woken up i got up and left with my uncle out of the cabin. Then i woke up for real and i was in my room as i looked around confused i realised it was 3:00 Am and what just happened so i went back to bed without attempting to WILD with WBTB. When i woke up this morning i realised how close i was to LD. But what bothers me is that if i was aware of what LDing was and i was attempting to lucid dream in my dream wouldnt i have realised this and become aware of the situation and be lucid for real? :confused: (sorry if this gets a little confusing to follow).

It did get confusing in the end but I got the most I believe.
I don’t know if you actually would get lucid if you dreamed you got lucid (Now I’m confusing).
I mean, if you, in your dream, got lucid. Do you really think that you, the real you and not your unaware dreamyou, would actually “wake up” and become aware of your dream. I don’t think you would actually become lucid so you shouldn’t feel like you’ve missed a great opportunity.

I see this was your fifth post :smile:

Thnx Movieme for baring with this confusing question and giving a reply i understand it was quite a strange situation.

Hello divinorum,
I agree with MovieMe I have dreamed of being lucid before without being lucid. I even did an RC in the Dream and I STILL didn’t become lucid from it. I think it’s probably happens when you are thinking about lucid dreaming a lot.

I think it is a good thing because you are more likely to have an LD. Now that you are remembering LD-ing during your sleep. It is just a matter of time before you actually do have an LD.

Hi divinorum,
Things like this can be confusing for beginning LD’rs. First it is quite passable to dream about LD’ing without becoming lucid. I would say that this happened to you in this dream. Some people here have had dreams where a DC has tried to tell them that they were dreaming and should become lucid, but they didn’t believe them. That can be very frustrating, but on the up side, as Dragon73 said, it normally means that you are getting close.
Good luck with your next dream.

This was actually what LaBerge had to prove. Other scientists thought that this whas exactly what lucid dreaming was, that you only dream that you know you’re dreaming.