Trying to re-learn lucid dreaming

Hello! I used to frequent this forum a lot during my teens, and I got quite good at lucid dreaming. I had a couple of LDs a month, and I were able to shapeshift, fly and summon people in those dreams.

Life got in the way, I didn’t keep a dream diary regularly any more and I didn’t practice my reality checks. I still have good dream recall, and I’ve gotten a lucid dream perhaps once in a while (but more like once or twice a year now).

I would like to start practicing again. Is there any advice that would be suited specifically for someone who once was good at lucid dreaming, but has now gotten rusty? I used to DILD mostly, using RCs and dream signs to notice I was dreaming. Sometimes I did WBTB, but I’m too lazy to do that nowadays when I hardly get enough sleep as is!

My goals are:

  • Having lucid dreams in general
  • Shapeshift in to a wolf in a dream
  • Visit the Gods in a dream

All of these things I’ve done before, and would like to do again. Advice?

Cool welcome back. If possible try and get more sleep to make it easier.
Other than that:
-Mindset. You really have to want it. Reread some of entries of some of your most memorable dreams for starters. Expose yourself to something that inspires you to LD.
-Manage stress
-Perform more reality checks/ ADA (Sometimes exercising self awareness helps to an extent)
-Record dreams to work dream recall (Use key points or notes if you don’t have the time)
-Train yourself to recognize dream signs

Hey man if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. On a serious note, I have a similar problem; I was always unable to be consistent with my lucid dreaming. From my experience, the thing that works with me the most is not really caring too much. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but I found out that going at it too seriously when coming back made my motivation wane too quickly.
Welcome back and I hope we see you around…

Hello again. I think we were buds in the same era back then.

Hello Lanina, I wish you the best so that you will learn lucid dreaming again. :smile: In my opinion lucid dreaming are like muscles: Once you had big muscles (dreamed lucid frequently) you will build up muscles again (learn to dream lucid again) very fast. Dont worry and keep on practising. :smile: