trying to sleep and only falling into SP

This happend to me some days ago, and I remember it has happend 1-3 times before. I am wondering if anyone else have had this problem?

When I try to sleep I only go into SP and force myself to wake up, and I try to sleep again and it happend again and so on, I try to change sleeping position but same thing happend. After maybe 10 tries to sleep I finaly fall in sleep. Strange??

Hi. A few years ago when I was 15 I had an experience on a few occasions which I described as being half awake and half asleep - I’d never heard of lucid dreaming then. I’d drift off to sleep but then it would seem like I was having a nightmare. I would feel scared of something, but all I could see was black as though my eyes were closed. I’d try to wake myself up by calling out but this seemed like such an effort and I could make no sound at all. On one occasion I did actually manage to call out and my mum said she heard me saying “Somebody wake me up.” I sometimes tried to lift my right arm in order to bang it against my bedroom wall but my arm would feel like the heaviest thing ever. I’m pretty sure that I did succeed in doing this once.

Now that I’ve heard of lucid dreaming I can see the reasons that everything seemed like such an effort was because I was in SP. I just find it so wierd to think that I was slightly controlling my sleep by trying to wake myself up. I’ve put these experiences down as semi-lucid dreams as I wasn’t attempting to lucid dream but I had a small amount of control. The thing that I don’t understand is what it was that made me want to wake up as I wasn’t having a nightmare. Having read your post, I’m wondering whether it’s the feeling of SP that made me want to wake up. Do you think that SP is what made you wake up? Hope I’ve made sense and given you some useful info. :smile:

Got it a couple of times. It scared the shit out of me, but i realised i had been lying still in the same position trying hard to sleep each time it happened. Especially lying on my back seemed to trigger it. Now i always change position every other minute before i go to sleep and i don’t try that hard to fall asleep (which never works anyway). I have not had any SP’s upon falling asleep since i started that, except for sometimes in the middle of the night when im not aware om myself going back to sleep. I still get SP every other month or so before waking up.

I think my SP’s in the early morning might be triggered by my snoring which is the kind that wakes people up in the next room if im lying on my back :wink:

Sleep paralysis is very good for LDing. Don’t try to wake up, close your eyes and imagine that your real body is heavy, and you dream body you are in is light. Imagine you are leaving your real body into whatever scene you want in your dream. The reason this works so well is because SP only happens during REM.

thx, I will try that if it happends again