Trying Too Hard

I was wondering if there’s such a thing as trying too hard to have a LD. My LD’s have always come to me naturally, and i just naturally found ways to get them. But im willing to try these new techniques, im just scared i might try TOO hard and loose my abilitly to LD, or just not be able to have them.

You’ll never LOSE your ability all together. You may need to take a break from it once in a while, but you’ll always be able to do it again. :smile:

Indeed, just try some techniques for a while, and if you think “hey, I used to get more without”, then just drop them. But I think that will not be the case because a bit of talent and techniques go together very well! Good luck :smile:.

i got my first LD the day i gave up and now im back to trying and not trying on and off just to get LD on purpose

Loosing my skill was something I was worried about allso, I think LDing is alot like riding a bike, once you know you never forget.

Yeah, you could try too hard (I’ve done that before) but I don’t think you’ll ever lose your LD"s.

I had 2 DILD LD’s a long time ago, without even trying for them. Now I’ve been trying to MILD and WILD and it’s just not working for me. I’ve heard a lot of people have an LD after they’ve took a break and stopped trying for a while. :smile: Maybe I should try that… :cool_laugh:

btw, what are some of your own techniques for LDing?

well for me,
I just stay up really late, and get myself over tired, then when i go to sleep i make sure its as dark as it can possibly be! then i just think about really random thoughts, and stuff i did that day, and for some strange reason, it makes me have lucid dreams 80% of the time, like…when i stay up so late, I feel like im already half-asleep, so when i really DO fall asleep, I cant really tell, because im already so tired! thus making it really easy to control my dreams.

I should try that some time. I’m kinda at that half-awake stage right now…lol :wink:

Yeah it’s true, it happened to my friend and myself sort of. He tried for two days, didnt work, and then didnt try at all, then it worked.

I try my own teqhnices and I don’t know if they are working. I’ve tried three times also, at first, I didnt know what LD’s was, then I got one unintentionally, but then 1 second after i forgot. But that 1 second was so cool it got me into it. So I read a little on this site, and didn’t quite like the best teqhnicqe, the one when ur supposed to wake up after 6 hours and then step into your own dream. I just tried all the times to step into them right away. I don’t think they worked, cause the two first nights nothing happened, then the third night, I think I managed to think when i wake up, i will be lucid over 1 000 times. Anyway I just dreamed a normal dream and woke up, several times, then it got 10 AM, and I just went to sleep again (sleeping for about 10 hours at that point), without thinking about it, then i woke up in my own bed, doing a reality check since i thought i was awake for real, but it turned out i was dreaming, then suddenly i felt it. At first everything was normal, but after the reality check i could see how everything was NOT normal. Just like when you watch a movie and there are clues all the way, but when you get to the ending and it’s shown, ur like, oh my god, it was so obvious, how could i not see…

It is certainly possible to stop using a technique, but when doing RC (for example) become a habit… Have you ever tried to get rid of a bad habit? :wink: