So today at school my friend told me about tulpae and how he discovered it on DreamViews (can I say it here?), so I did a very fast search for “tulpa” and there weren’t any topics especially for tulpa.
Are there any people here that have a tulpa (or tried and failed)?
How much time did you need for it do develop? How do you communicate with it?
How “real” is he/she/it?
And last question: i believe tulpa comes from latin (the plural is tulpae, too), so what does it mean? My dad is pretty good in latin and he has a dictionary, but i can’t find it right now and he comes home late, so it would be nice to have an answear now.^^
(I immediately think of the flower, but i don’t think that’s it, right?)

EDIT:Is this the right section to post this? I have no idea…

Here’s the topic about Tulpa!

how could i miss that one?
anyway, any experience with it?

No, sorry, nothing to say about it, never tried it… :smile:

Hello there! So, maybe you’ve already found this out on your own, but here is a post on the CALD thread, this is the tulpa.info home page, and this is the forum where you can find all the answers to any questions :wink:. They also have a usually very helpful IRC chat room.

Again, rather sure you’ve found out this on your own by now, but still, I’ll just go ahead and answer your questions anyway.

Me and the bunch of CALD people around here.

My first tulpa took two weeks to give me a first independent response, but the time needed for this varies A LOT.

Usually by mindvoice (which is basically the voice you think with). Since tulpas live in your head though, you can communicate by simply “sharing” thoughts, feelings and so on. A good number of tulpa also say that they communicated early on by sending their host (creator) headaches (never happened to me though).

Depends how you define “real”. A tulpa is a lot (if not all) about believing. A tulpa is able to do/say things that will surprise you, it is perceived as a consciousness similar, if not equal, to yours, which means it has its own personality, desires, feels and so on. A tulpa can also be “imposed”, basically, hallucinated and perceived as fully real like any other actual human being. There are not many people who have an imposed tulpa though, as far as I know.

I honestly don’t know. The plural varies, too. Tulpae, tulpa, tulpas…Whatever you like. Thoughtform, headmate, construct, tupper…There are many variations. The plural with the ending “ae” is, according to a few members of tulpa.info, an incorrect adding of a latin ending and doesn’t seem to make much sense and was only added to make it look more scientific and serious. Just use what you want, basically. :tongue:

Thanks a lot Lejiona :content:
I already know about tulpa.info, i spent an hour and more eading a progress report on the site (however he didn’t get any response at all after 3 months, and maybe his next post will be the one where he tells about his first success, but it is still a bit demotivating ^^’)
I read the CALD tutorial here, but didn’t see that post, thanks.
(Funny, i remember the tutorial clearly said that your character should never come to the point where he is “real” to you etc. hehe.)
Anyway, about the latin origin, I found the answear in the FAQ, it is a tibetan word (translatable with “thoughtform”) and it was just given the latin plural because the tibetan language kind of changes the word completely in plural, so this was easier.
The father of a friend of mine used to teach tibetan, I’ll ask him maybe (funny coincidence :grin: )

I’ll definitely try imposing my tulpa into reality as soon as she is ready, it is one of the best thing about tulpae (i read that it really hard though :meh:) (i like
brackets :tongue: )
Thank you!

Don’t give up, it’s worth the time and effort! :smile:

Yeah. Actually, having a tulpa gives you great opportunities to learn more about yourself and may lead to rather provoking thoughts regarding “what is real?”. The concept of tulpa is, IMO, just the CALD character concept taken a step further. CALD characters were always supposed to be and stay imaginary, some tulpas on the other hand make you think if there even is a difference between a tulpa and the host. Remember though that your imposed tulpa will feel real, but it is not physically there.

Ah, I knew there was something along these lines regarding the name, thank you for reminding me :content: And a little hint (if you haven’t registered on the tulpa forums already), they have a three day long activation wait, so in case you want to post something there, just remember that you’ll have to wait three days after registering :smile:

No problem :happy: In the meantime, it’s a good idea to read plently of the guides in the forum’s guide section (or you can just use the CALD guide here, after all, that has worked perfectly fine for me and other CALDers). You will get different opinions and suggestions just about everything (parroting/puppeting is one of those somewhat “sensitive/touchy” topics with very varying opinions on it), collect ideas, choose what you think will work for you and maybe get some feedback on your ideas (rather than following one guide verbatim).

Yes I also think that the chances to actually “mess up” are really, really small. Talking to your tulpa is always a good thing. If you don’t parrot your tulpa, then you might want to stop from time to time and listen carefully if you can hear some sort of response coming from your tulpa. Make sure that your tulpa knows what she is (for example, that she is not a fictional character or the like) and that she feels loved/wanted. :smile: