Turkey LDs

Can turkey give you LD because it has Tryptophan in it?


It make you sleepy but does it make you how LDs?

KFC, I will tell you what I tell everyone else. A substance will not “make” you have an LD. So called ‘‘shortcuts’’ are not really. A few people may respond consistently to a specific psychoactive chemical in a manner where they have an LD while under the substance, but this, in my opinon, is rare. Most of these shortcuts are just substances that people have used many times, and had an LD only a fraction of those times. I have eaten large amounts of turkey on several occasions before bed, and I was drowsy, but my dreams were no different than normal. Besides, most drugs you take orally, intravenously, and by smoking leave the body within hours, so the most noticable effects will wear off before you even get into a good REM stage(this is not true for all drugs). So, turkey will NOT give you an LD, and in my opinion, does not help either.