Turn your LD into a cartoon or 3D movie! =D

I would like to turn one of my LD’s into a cartoon or 3d tone. But I would like some feedback on this before I try it, so I don’t end up wasting a LD. So I was wondering if any of you have done this before, and some methods possibly to make it work more smoothly?


I dont understand?.. you want to make an animation based on your LD?

Flip it I think there, reIV.

So, you want to have a LD then turn it into like, the Simpsons for example? That would be neat. Never tried it though.

sounds cool
dont worry about “wasting” a LD. You can count on your mind to make it worthwhile.

Oh heavens no. haha. Have you seen my LD count?? :tongue:
Im a lucky boy I guess. But I was just wondering if this is worth it. I want to BE inside a cartoon to clear things up. Like a 2d world, but I see it all in 3d. That would seem weird. I’m still working on my “Create a New Color though”. That is next on my to-do list. :tongue:

I have done it. It’s really weird. I accidentally did it, when I was trying to summon a gigantic monster. I had drawn it, but forgot to make it 3d. I ended up only being able to run in five directions. And I became so confused, it turned into a nightmare, cause the monster came after me…

This is interesting, because I’ve been trying the same thing for about a week now, except I’m aiming for more of a 3D animation, because I’m trying to induce a dream about Wangan midnight-style racing in that world, basically I want my dream to look like this…

What I’ve been experimenting with is basically a WILD, but doing it in a really sleepy state so that hopefully the first thing I dream of, is the last thing I thought about in a normal state

What I do is that I go to bed normally, wait until my body hits that ‘numb’ state, and start picturing the scene I want, so basically, I want to go high-way racing, create my self a tuned car (lets say that Supra in the pic), then choose a section of high-way to race on, imagine the drive from parking lot to the on-ramp, and then just throw in random things, maybe a truck is broke down on the side of the road, maybe there’s more traffic than usual, or maybe a race appears and we cross one of the big bay bridges as the sun sets, etc

So far, I’ve just gotten a small normal dream about the Simpsons, so results are a little random, but I still want to give it some more time before calling it off

But with your LD count, you might be able to get what you want if you start trying something along the lines of WILD, That’s what I’d do if I was you

One way ive found lately is to simply create a character or select one you wish to meet and simply go off and look for them, make no effort to create them only encounter them, i tired to create one not too long ago and found myself with a strange hybrid…also im a brilliant artist in my dreams it seems, thankyou minds eye.

For me its merely about going anywhere and expecting to run into them as they are, dosen’t matter if they dont look right or are 2D, just meet them as is to establish a point of contact, know what you are capable of doing, them move on to improvements after.

I have tried this twice! It sounds horribly lame, but for the longest time, i have wanted to go to Bakini Bottom and meet all the spongebob squarepants characters.

I used the elevator method both times… neither time worked. I’m sure it would, but for some reason, my brain doesn’t like to make a button that says bakini bottom. haha

I will try tonight.

I will go for The Nightmare Before Christmas

I always wanted to have a little chat with Jack ^^

this should be interesting :content:

yes…a chat with Jack… sounds interesting…

Perhaps you should watch more cartoons/animation. Maybe an hour before going to sleep. (Even better, fall asleep while watching a cartoon.)

I had a semi-lucid dream this morning that became animated… I was waking up from the dream just as I realized what was going on. I grabbed an air can hanging midair in the dreamscape and tried to pull myself back into the scene. (The can felt incredibly solid and firmly stuck in the dream space.)

There was a strange moment during that struggle that I felt myself in two realities at once. (Which really challenges my perception of “reality”.) I felt myself in the dreamscape, but I felt myself in the waking world. Eventually, I let go of the can and felt myself almost bounce in my bed, then rebound back into another dream scene. The anime world of Samurai Champloo where I was Mugen, ‘paling’ around with Jin and Fuu.

I wouldn’t say it was intentional. In fact, by all means I had succumbed to waking, but by chance found myself back in an animated world.

So… try inducing false awakenings until you find yourself in an animated dream, I guess.

I had a cartoon dream ^^

Ill post it later in my DJ

and edit this post when it is there.