I found out that if i left the TV on while I slept when in a light sleep i dremt of the show. Last night I had the TV on and an hour before i woke up i entered a light sleep and i herd everything the show said. not only that but i did exactly what it described ( It was a TV show called cheat! so i dreamed I was in varyous videogames and i did the feats the characters did.) Has anyone ellse tryed this if not you should. post your experences here.

not the exact thing , but i once heard the lucid dream induction file while having an LD (it was playing in RL )that was my only WILD so far …

That has happened several times to me.

Very often when I wake up in the morning for school at 5 am, and I drag myself to the living room and fall back asleep until 6. The TV is on with the news. I sometimes dream about random things the news said or commercials. Once they talked briefly about being locked out of your car and recommending you have extra keys. I had a dream one of the reporters was talking about having extra keys.

And sometimes (not so much anymore, though) on the weekends, I wake up whenever and go to the living room to fall back sleep either on the couch or in my dad’s chair. A show about baboons was on the TV one time and I had a weird dream about me having to take care of one.

i remember twice

  1. The Disney Channel was on and I fell asleep while Hannah Montana was on. That night I had a weird dream involving her.

  2. Last night, I left my TV on Disney again, but this time I had a dream with the guy from the Proud Family. It’s on my DJ. under Giant Robot Soccer :wink:

You could use this for getting LDs!!
You should film somebody talking about lucid dreaming to another guy.
And just before going to bed, play this film, and maybe your subconscious will adapt to the dialogues, and maybe give you lucid dreams…

Cool idea!
Or you could just chose a clip from a show and tell yourself that if you dream about that, then you are dreaming.

during my first intentional LD i had an FA. i fell asleep during this LD playing phoenix wright on my DS. then i had an awesome LD, blah blah blah, then i had an FA, and i was playing phoenix wright in bed(though it was a different bed). i heard the music and stuff, and my parents in the dream said “TURN THAT DOWN” so i did and it worked. must have been some sort of somnabulism thingimajig.