I was wondering if anyone has ever heard someone else mention that somewhere in the world you have a twin you don’t know about.

I used to think it was all mumbo jumbo. Until the other night that is. My b/f and I were watching a spanish movie called “The Seventh Day”, when suddenly he pauses the screen, rewinds it and stops on this little girl’s face. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This little girl, shy of a couple of small details, looked exactly as I did at that age. We were both shocked. I couldn’t stop gawking at the screen.

Has anyone else experienced this? And what’s your opinion?

This girl started new in our school and she is the spitting image of my friend. We even took a pic. I’d hsow you but i dont got there permission.

Yeah that has happened to me too…Once whe I was a kid my whole family made a big deal about this irish girl on the cover of a National Geographic who looked just like me…and I still get the I’ve seen you before comment all the time, (not just as a pick up line) but I guess I just have one of those faces

When I went to elementary school there was some teen who always came to pick up a bunch of kids. I’ve also noticed that I’ve been seeing a lot of random strangers who look like random DCs.

yea i believe that because a lot of times i’ve seen people on the net that look exactly like some of my friends

I was walking by a restaraunt one day and glanced in the window and saw a little girl, she looked just like me when I was that age. She was probably about 5. I said to my mom and aunt, “Hey, look at that girl, doesn’t she look like me?” They agreed , but we had to keep walking- didn’t want the girl’s parents to get creeped out. It was funny though, my mother has this picture of me when I was 5, I had this stupid haircut and always had a serious look on my face. The little girl had the same haircut and serious look.

This happens to me a lot too! :happy:

Something like this has happened to me as well. I had a friend in primary school called Stephen. Later encountered somebody that looked EXACTLY like him, except his hair colour was different. I ask him is he was Stephen or if he is related to anyone called Stephen and he didn’t. Wierd.

Well, they say everyone has a double somewhere in the world… I’ve never found mine, though, or even anybody who comes close! Nobody EVER tells me I look familiar! Hehe, maybe I’m just too unique.

On the other hand, though, some celebrity look-alikes never cease to amaze me!

There was a story in the Toronto Sun about a teen who was beat up by some kids about a dispute over a bicycle. This kid that was beat up looks almost identical to myself when my hair was long :wam:
I think it was a coincidence though, I highly doubt I have a long lost twin somewhere out there :content:

That’s the legend of the “doppelgangers”.

alright The Nameless One, tell the legend.

Because this little girl very well could have been me at her same age except that her eyes were brown.

/me lights up the campfire

Now, sit in a circle around the fire, keep quiet and listen to me:

(Credit goes to: … ppelga.htm)

Meaning “double walker” a doppelganger is a shadow-self that accompanies every human. Only the owner of a doppelganger can see it, otherwise it is invisible to human eyes. Dogs and cats have been known to see doppelgangers. Providing sympathetic company, a doppelganger almost always stands behind a person, and they cast no reflection in a mirror. They are prepared to listen and give advice to humans, either implanting ideas in their heads, or a sort of osmosis. It is said to be bad luck if it is seen, and rarely a doppelganger will make itself visible to friends or family, often causing great confusion. Doppelgangers can be mischievous and malicious.

Wiki, dear Wiki:

Seeing that you lived to tell, the doppelganger being a death omen is false.

/me busts out the marshmallows, chocolates and graham crackers for s’mores 'cause this is going to be good

/me would bust out something else but there are too many minors and that would not be a good idea :tongue:

So… /me busts out a cigarette instead. :content:

Okay, kids, the one who goes the farther away from here wins a prize! Begin! :sly:
And smokin’s bad…:cool:

BTW, one day my female friends said that they had seen me somewhere on a day I couldn’t go out cause I think I was ill or something.

:lol: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Make it a good prize The Nameless One… :wink:

A free rescue by the 911! You’ll have a ride on a police car and you’ll drink hot chocolate wrapped in a blanket waiting for the cops to contact your parents!

/me laughs à la evil villain

BTW, is it a pr0n vid? You made me curious…

The Nameless One wrote:

Are you asking or telling?

do you mean porn video? Cause if you do… how would we watch porn around a camp fire?

#1: I’m telling
#2: Ummm…that’s what my perverted doppelganger wrote…:shy: If it’s not, then what is it? (Well, unless you really can’t say it…)

Well, let’s put it this way. It wasn’t sexual so tell your doppelganger to take a cold shower.

It was more, to me, mood enhancing… relaxing.

I told him, but he replied that I was about to be ran over by a truck. :content:
Everything’s ok now, thanks.
Sorry for deviating the topic. :shy: