Twitches while trying to WILD.

Today I was trying to get a WILD, even though I’ve never had an LD before I was trying to WILD, because my mind adapts pretty easily to meditation-like stuff. Anyway, I gave up because I think my mind and body where too awake, but I did lay down for pretty long, and I noticed sometimes my leg started twitching. I read somewhere on the internet that this could be a hypnic jerk, a sign you’re entering the hypnagogic state, is this true? Oh, and my eyelids also started to twitch, which caused them to open a litte bit.

If it is then I am really happy, I guess that’s kinda good for a first try.

same thing happens to me

I started trying wild about a week ago, i haven’t had any twitches yet but I was trying to watch the images in front of my eyes and it felt like I was getting somewhere during my best attempt, I saw like a road with a load of people/heads marching down it in a sort of army formation, but that’s all I remember before I fell asleep.

it is true.

you are dislocating from body, processing information, and snapping back,
“hypnic jerk”

That sounds like what happened to me lastnight! I was thinking of grabbing something I guess, and my arm flew up for a second, backwards. A major twitch1 I was like “Ughhhhh…What???” Then I did an RC lmfao. xD. It was awesome!

I know what you mean…this happens to me all the time. Sometimes I can’t even keep my eyes shut anymore. One time, my hand was resting against my forehead. (I was on my side) then all of a sudden it just dropped down and came back up…I was like…“oooook then” :eh:

Once I felt my legs moving upward. XD When I fell asleep, I had a dream about OOBE’s.

But, it was either a jerk, or just HH.

well i dont know much about your main problem however you said you thought your mind and body was to awake well this was a problem to me also. befor you enter sleep your mind makes sure your body goes to sleep first i dont know if you say things like 1 i am dreaming, 2 i am dreaming, ect i used to do that. if you do you might want to try something differant eg “i will remmeber my dream” because a big part of lucid dreaming is not wanting it to much so this way will keep you alert without your mind knowing your are aiming to lucid dream also better dream recall :happy: hope it helped

So I guess I was making progress into having a WILD. Anybody else experiencing twitches? How long did it take you after that to get into a lucid dream? (Yes, I know it’s different for everybody)

I’ve recently started my quest to lucidity through WILD and have had close calls to it. Anyway, I’ve experienced twitches and been convinced they were real. In fact, I’m still pretty sure they were real. It’s hard to imagine that they were not. I believe the only time I’ve been re-assured that it was fake was when the twitch occurred I got out of bed and did my usual five minute routine wake up by walking up stairs and pouring myself a glass of water. After drinking the water I opened my eyes and in fact was still lying in bed.

I believe that’s what they call a false awakening. Other than that I’ve experienced quite a few twitches and still aren’t quite sure if they were real or not.

for me, its like thers somthing flying towards my face, but there is nothing there so im like what…?