Hi :tongue: i dunno if this topic was already here but since my google search brought nothing i thought id ask here.

So basically its these twitches or something when i WILD they disrupt whatever progress i have done and they cant be controlled (or can they?)

So wrapping it up my question is, What are these Twitches? and Can They be controlled? and How?

Thx in advance :happy:

Whenever I listen to hypno-tech. my legs always begin to twitch. As if I’m cold without the temperature dropping.
(okay that’s my dumb way of explaining it)

Sometimes I have twitches when I’m falling asleep lying on my back. If you WILD while lying on your back you could try lying on your side or stomach.

My eyes tend to twitch after trying WILD for a while. Where do you twitch?

I twitch everywhere :open_mouth:

Its like my arms and legs twitch, its crazy! :razz:

yeah I think that happens to everyone. Happens to me quite a lot.

my eyes BUG OUT when i WILD makes me sorta not wanna wild but that is almost always a clue you’re getting close to something (not just in LDing but IRL too :tongue:)