Two approached to prog a dream

Hello people from the forum.

I come to you again to seek assistance.

I would like to have information on the following:

Why is dream programming more efficient for programming the subconscious (with use of affirmations and/or visualizations) than prayer to receive in dreams (with very deep and intense and wholehearted feeling) ? I am so surprised to notice that I tend to receive deeply desired informations or inspirations thanks to the use of affirmations, a process not very intense nor emotionally powerful, but that the process of whole-hearted asking/praying hardly ever work, even though it is always extremely intense and emotionally powerful…
From what I know, such intensity of emotion should in some way fructify the desire in the dreaming mode of being, since requested/intended that such occurs in this particular state of sleep.
What is your opinion on this. I am attempting to understand.

I thank you for your time and possible help.

Sincerely, G.

The way I view it:

Prayer : Requesting
Affirmations : Demanding

Allow me to explain. When you pray, or do any form of asking for lucid dreams to occur, you are doing just that. No matter how emotionally involved you are, you are still just making a request and it may or may not be fulfilled. When you make affirmations, it’s exactly the opposite.

When you tell yourself “I will” or “It will happen” you are commanding yourself to fulfill. These instructions are readily received by your subconscious which exists as a servant to your being (when you look at it’s purposes, you realize this is true). Your subconscious is designed to respond to your whim, perhaps not immediately and instantaneously, but simple commands such as “I feel happy” or “I can” have monumental effects. Just try it yourself and see what happens!

Hope you find my perspective interesting.


Scipio Xaos

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Thank you Scipio very much for your long and clear explanation.
Know that you are of help to me since now I understand a little bit more, and am encouraged to continue with affirmations, and not discouraged about prayerful approaches, though I will certainly add a short prayer to the process of affirmations in order to get emotionally involved and make the process more intense.
Again thanks.

I nevertheless don’t wish to close this subject and welcome further replies from those who are willing to speak on the subject and help me.

In advance thanks