two LD dreams this morning

short version for those who lack patience: I had a LD this morning and woke up so pleased that I fell asleep again thinking of the dream and then had another one. has this unintended WILD ever happened to anyone? (though I also try intentional WILD not so well…)

long version: I have an armlet that I now wear when thinking about or doing magic (I suppose I could wear it now… I can’t because I would have to go back to fetch it)… as an experiment I wore it to sleep to discover if I would have any signficant or magical or lucid dreams.

then I had a pretty typical dream except that I did come lucid and accomplished nothing other to observe that I could not look at my face in the mirror. (like in a horror novel I read once when the protagonist has an OOBE.)

then I woke at 7:45 AM I put off my armlet and had my morning vitamins and fell back asleep impressed with myself. I did WILD by accident in thinking about what had happened in my dream.

the second LD had a much weirder and briefer tone and I woke up just after around 10:45…

tonight I will try the armlet again.


Armlet? Please fill me in. I might be dumb, but I never have heard of Armlet. :confused:

I explain in the long version. this has naught to do with biofeedback or anything else tech-y.

oh and an update… my mind conflicted with itself so much when I put on the armlet last night that I took it off and slept. otherwise I would not have gotten even the six hours sleep I could have before waking up in the morning.